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Wiktor Kostka, The Return Home: Chapter Three: Training, Part 1

Discussion in 'Character Tales' started by Wiktor Kostka, Jun 16, 2017.

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    As I started to put de pack saddle back on Mule, I realized he had a bad sore starting under his girth strap. "Guess you ave nut had a saddle on in long tim? You did nut even act as if you vere hurtink at all. You ave a big heart. I knew a mule vonce dat vould vork, end do vhatever asked, even if in pain. He vas a good and noble animal. His name vas Festus, I shall name you Festus in his honor. It is guud name."
    Ve still have a vays to go to get home. It vould take two days to get there ridink. But I vould just make sore vorse, end if Festus vould not complain, I vould nut know if it vas getting bad.

    If I keep de saddle off him, he vould be fine in a day, maybe two. If I continued to ride him who knows how long it could take to heal. If he vas hurt bad , he may balk every tim I try to put saddle on him again. Mules are smart, you are lucky to find von so trustink as Festus. To ruin dhat trust vould be a crime in my eyes.

    Ve still needed to keep travelink, so I had to put saddle on, vith moost of de gear but It vould help vith pain and hopefully keep sore frome gettink worse, if I did nut ride him. So it vould be a long valk. Maybe five days.

    I vashed sore, end put a little cooking oil on sore to eaze de pain. I adjoosted de vieght of de pack as best I could. Loosed breast strap end tighted crupper so as to move girth strap avay from sore as best I could.

    Festus acted as if he knew I vas tryink to help. "You know Festus, I remember vhen ve first caught up to de Black Gryphon, I ended up vith a few sore wearing in to me from de packs day had us carry in trainink, so I know you pain. I vill do my best to nut make it worse."​
    King Murdoch McArthur Giveth praise for this remark!