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The War Against Galandorf

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Galandorf Redbark, Apr 21, 2017.

  1. Galandorf Redbark

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    Dear bullies, yes I am talking to you all of Fortunes Bay who plot behind my back, wish me ill for no real reason at all except the need to find an enemy where there is none.
    Those who are to cowardly to face me honourably unless in a crowd of fellow hate mongers.

    It is clear you all see in me an enemy rather than accept the truth. I do not deceive you, I do not slink in the shadows. I do not mince my words but am always honest and clear as to my intentions and thoughts.

    Now it is true in the past I have been openly against the Council. I tried my best to be supportive but when 3 of the 4 members are being possessed regularly by extremely evil entities and the 4th being openly unable to control herself along with the rest of you who not only are not worried about this but seemly okay with it. I am just lost.

    No other town acts this way, why even Driftwood (when not possessed) saw this. As did Xarin and Kera.
    All of you turning into a mob of bullies just wanting to incite hatred at me. I am disappointed in you and you should be in yourselves.

    You find it funny making jokes about me and making threats to my life, you have seen what happens.
    Now how do I respond to this?
    What evil plan does the dreaded Galandorf plan?
    What great threat does he pose?

    Nothing. I shall do nothing.
    I shall sell my wares for an honest price as I have always done.
    I shall harbour no grudges against those that have shown such hatred towards me.
    I shall not seek to harm anyone regardless of how you all seem to feel about me.

    I may soon depart for some time to seek out more prosperous areas.
    If I do my loyal servant shall run things while I am gone.

    I am not the enemy but I do fear if you all focus on me as being one you will be destroyed.
    Not by me but the by the true Enemy.