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The Decision Of The Valka

Discussion in 'Norhaven' started by Yiva Whiteraven, Mar 16, 2017.

  1. Yiva Whiteraven

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    They were taking no chances, these nordic people. They sent out only the best skalds to confirm Yiva’s story. Eventually an Allthing was called together - Including the Horse Lords and Whalers and whatever Wolven allied to the thorp. Surely there were spies there. The White Elves were always looking to make trouble.

    Frayja kept it well in hand. Of course the hard liners were always itching for an invasion. Bringing back the former glory of Valka meant different things to different people. Some, even of the younger generation wanted the days of slavery and women mastery back again and Yiva tried her best to understand them, as she did all creatures. A particularly loud faction of those made her share a glance with Mother Laurel. She just rolled her pretty eyes.

    But Frayja came down from the risen palisade with a snarl and a leap. “You dare interrupt me, whelp? What are you mere children doing here among adults? You parade yourselves about in your dreams of a sick mind! Look at you. Could you even lift a sword? Well could you?!” All that was shown by the youth in well stitched clothing was trembling.

    Her smile suddenly turned silky. “Perhaps you should like to revisit those days. We could always make an exception…” She tasted his fear for a moment longer, then turned her attention to the crowd, eagle eyes flashing as she retook the climb, seemingly unencumbered by her armor. But Yiva knew that that’s what heroes did.

    “WE ARE UNITED! We stand at the edge of a sea of undead! Would you rather have them?” A pause. “We have a king that has brought the hills and dales together, not under a flag of war, but of peace!. Let us trade him our goods and share our strength. The Seeress has assured us he means no threat to Valka. And our blades need wetting. The years pass and they have brought much change with them. But Spring is here! So what say you people, of Her sacred city!”

    The cheer that swept over Yiva felt almost as good as the feeling of the goddess surrounding her. Even the Horse Lords joined the roar and the Wolven howwwled a song Yiva was intimately familiar with. She shared a smile and a sigh with Mother Larkspur and breathed out a whisper beneath her breath.

    “Now, Murdock, you are much more than a pawn.”.

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