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The Amulet Of Jorn - Age Of Insight

Discussion in 'World Lore awaiting approval' started by Lodovicus Tzamarias, Jul 31, 2017.

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    Throughout the Age of Insight, the stones of power are found and brought together again as each piece called to one another longing to be reunited. Onece brought together an amulet is forged by a man named Jorn, thus the Amulet of Jorn was born.

    The amulet passed from person to person and saw kingdoms rise from the ground and then crumble back to dust as the races fought for control over this object of immense power. Over time the amulet began to think and feel for itself, its views on reality warped beyond repair by the suffering and violence it had been witness too its entire life. It eventually grew so powerful that it began to corrupt the wearer influencing their actions, causing them to act in ways that they would not normally behave.

    Eventually the destruction of Myrium grew more and more imminent as the amulet tore civilizations apart and started wars all accross myrium. Five Families joined together under the request of a priest of the god Vealux to form a company in their name. "The Cult of Vealux", together they worked with a man named Sigan to create a powerful chain made of gold and the bones of the most noble heroes of the age. Eventually the Cult were able to procure the amulet and through powerful ritual bound the chain and the amulet together.

    With the amulet now tethered to the chain, it soothed the rage trapped within it and allowed the bearer to be free of corruption, but would ensure that it could not be used to unbalance the world.

    Eventually the cult once again deemed that the Amulet was still too powerful to remain whole and they destoryed it. Breaking the amulet back into the five original stones of power, each was given to one of the five founding families to be protected and guarded for the ages to come.

    The stone of Fire, given to the Orcs whose Rage and Fury in battle burns as hot as the fire this stone could call forth.

    The stone of Water, given to the elves whos determination was a strong and endless as the waterfalls of Myrium.

    The stone of Earth, given to the Dwarves whos understanding of the earth itself was unparralleled.

    The stone of Air, given to the Fae, to guard in their realm so that never again could the minds of others be so freely manipulated.

    The stone of Life and Death, Given to the Draken, beings of dual existence much like the stone of death residing over two dominions.

    The chain was given to a man named Cornielius Rassbar to allow him to study the magic used to create it and learn more of magic itself in hope that eventually the stones could be cleansed of the darkness within them. Rassbar was told that upon his deathbed the chain was to be returned to the Cults temple to be locked away until someone worthy of studying it presented themselves again. Rassbar grew extremely ill, and on his deathbed he gave the chain to his Grandson James and tasked him with the job or returning it to the temple, but it never made it there.
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