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Sparrow Neraida's Tales Of Fair Venova

Discussion in 'Verona Tales & Adventures' started by Sparrow Neraida, Apr 20, 2017.

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    Arriving in Venova

    I had been traveling down the east road towards Venova, not a day's journey from the ruined city itself when the beginning of my adventure began. Granted, it wasn't the most glorious or epic of starts, as I doubt many Adventurers start out their careers being kidnapped by Dryads and Mermaids. There had apparently been some previous altercation between the Water Nymphs and the budding faction that called this place home, or were trying to at least, and had gifted all of the waters to said Nymphs.

    This was...displeasing, to my captors.

    Ah, but I do a disservice to my fellow captivate. A female Kistune by the name of Alicia Rubycaster. We'd both been taken, her for her involvment of the previous treaty, and me...I'm still not sure why. Perhaps it was just chance that had me snatched up off the roads that day. Nevertheless, we were both bound and held by sword point as we all awaited Alicia'a allies to come and find us, that way new terms could be discussed. Or, our deaths would be sealed.

    And waited...And waited...

    Finally, it seemed that the Kistune's finally weighed heavily enough on the people making merry in the Tavern, and they came out to rescue us. It had nothing to do with the Dryad having to tell them their friend had been kidnapped, none at all...In any case, the Dryad and the Mermaid both demanded complete ownership over their domains, specifically for the Mermaids to own all the water instead of the Water Nymphs. Our rescuers had a mixed response, with some, namely a rather calm and witty Draken and my friend and previous traveling partner, Ienova Scott, being willing to do as such, while others...Welll, really I think that the rest wanted to kill the two wrathful Maidens to rescue us. Which would have most likely ended up with Alicia and I's guts' decorating the ground...

    After much discussion (And more attempts on my part not to get stabbed, which backfired horribly with me winning the...determined affections of the mermaid Mist.), our noble rescuers tricked the two into battle, a man known as...If I'm not mistaken, just Ohe, cutting my ropes. Of course, the Dryad promptly cast Vines on me, binding my hands once more...And the cycle continued.

    After a brief skirmish, both sides backed off, with myself and Alica safe and sound behind allies, while negotiations were once again reopened. One of Mist's stipulations was that she recieved me as part of the deal, which, while flattering that I had managed to gain her, the idea of being taken down to the depths of the sea was frankly terrifying. Even with reasurances that a potion or spell could gift me with gills, I had little wish to be the (As I later learned) Queen's consort.

    While the Treaty was being written, with myself not apart of the deal, I snuck away with my friend Ienova, half jokingly asking if she'd consider being tempararily engaged to get me out of this mess. She replied that it would simply draw the Sea Maiden's ire towards her, and we both shivered at that. The Dryad, who was known as Maple, approached us at this point, suspicous that I might be trying to run away. I had been condisering it, I admit...

    I told her of how I cared not for Maidens in...that way...and she promptly left to tell her ally before I or Ienova could stop her.

    I remember hearing a loud shriek of,"WHAT, DOES HE PREFER WATER NYMPHS INTEAD?!" And feeling dread fall like a bouldar in my stomach.

    I quickly rushed over, making sure to reasure her that, while I did indeed find Mermaids to be the most beautiful of water dwellers, I had no interest in Maidens at all. After ensuring that I was at least going to help her become more beautiful as best I could (A task that would not be easy to fulfil, as I told her to her delight) she seemed more at ease with it all. Future promises of a crown sweetened the deal, and by the end, when the Treaty had been signed, I had entered a financial, and possibly a friendship relationship with the Queen of the Mermaids of the area. I was to be the middle man between her and promarily the shopkeeper Alicia until more arrived, trading precious deep sea pearls for gems and coin.

    All in all, while the inital start was a tad...Unpleasant, and the attempts at murder and kidnapping, both of which happned, at least three times, I feel like I was able to salvage the situation wonderfully. Along with my new trade revenue bringing in coin and opening up friendly trade between the reclusive Mermaids and us surface dwellers, and my information gathering on both the Elven and Human factions...I'm rather positive that I'll be able to make a nice little niche here for myself.