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Skill Tree Resource

Discussion in 'New Character Help Guides & Questions' started by Frey Toron, Jun 10, 2017.

  1. Frey Toron

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    Hello everyone, as a new player to Larpcraft I found one of the most appealing draws was the fact that I could choose from the diverse set of skills. It was kind of a daunting task to dig through all of the skills, plus professions, plus racial skills. So I wanted to make an easy to use that would allow me to highlight and input the skills I wanted. The resource below is a simple spreadsheet that breaks the myths and legends skills up into combat skills, armor skills, racial skills, and profession skills. The skills are listed at the EXP level that you must be at to have said skill along with the chapter in the rule book where you can find the skills description. There is also a blank skill tree so that you can save the file on your machine and fill it in as you see fit. If you have any questions, or thoughts on how to make the resource better don't hesitate to message me. Hope that this helps guys. Happy gaming.

    Myths & Legends Spreadsheet of Skills

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