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Sanguine The Merciful And The Vengeful

Discussion in 'Religion and Deity' started by Gorm Fleshmender, Jul 11, 2017.

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    Sanguine is a god devoted to vengeance for those who cause suffering and mercy for those who suffer.
    Their followers are healers and fighters. Like Sanguine they care not who the suffering worship. They heal anyone in need, defend the defenceless. Some followers go so far as to extract vengeance from those who cause suffering.
    Sanguine's healing rituals are usually rather simple using potions, poisons as anaesthetics and surgery to delay death.
    The followers have great knowledge of herbal and anatomical lore. This allows them to be effective torturers, great healers and hospitaliers in the battle field.
    Sanguine was born in the later stages of the age of Dragons. The tyrany of the mortals and the Dragons drove Sanguine to be a vengeful warrior at first. After bringing down a dragon Sanguine learned that healing was more fulfilling then vengeance despite the violence stopping violent individuals.
    Sanguine is the God of merciful vengeance. A healer and a warrior the followers of Sanguine learn both fighting and healing. Such is the way of life. Struggle and survival, healing and destroying in equal measure.
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