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No Rabbit For The Hunters

Discussion in 'Akuma Forest' started by Bloodflitter Shadowdust, Jun 18, 2017.

  1. Bloodflitter Shadowdust

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    Out here in the middle of the Southern Wastelands, in a desolate area, outside my cave and my temporary home and Mama Rabbit and her youngens home, I ran into of all things a hunter. He offered to provide meat to go with the greens I have been eating for the last bit and I was not thinking clearly so I accepted his offer. He set arrow to bow and when I realized exactly what he was aiming at I had to jump quickly into motion and knock his aim off true to save my friend. He tried to hunt Mama Rabbit fr the stew pot. He got so angry when I ruined his shot, but I told him that he was welcome to join my campfire, he was welcome to enjoy some of the greens I had gathered, but he was not welcome to add Mama Rabbit or any of her young to my cookpot as she is my friend. He sat down upon the stump I had moved into the cave and joined me for dinner, and as we ate he watched as Mama Rabbit came forth and collected some of the greens still in my bag for her and her youngens, gave me the cute little nose wrinkle that she seems to use to say thank you and hopped over to her youngen whereupon they all gathered for their evening meal as well. He asked me why I let that creature do that and I reiterated that she is my friend. He didn't seem quite able to comprehend, so I turned the conversation back on him to find out how he found my cave, where he came from, what he was doing out here where besides the caravan the only living mortal being besides the animals that I have seen is me. Apparently, he wanders from place to place and as I was boiling some herbs, he saw my campfire and thought not only wouldn't he mind stopping for a breather but that maybe he could help by placing meat upon this person's table, which I gladly would have accepted if it hadn't been for the fact he tried to place Mama Rabbit upon my table. I must needs go gather more greens tomorrow as feeding the hunter has depleted my stores, but for today I am making sure I stay close to the cave to keep an eye on Mama Rabbit as the hunter has packed up and headed on but I don't trust him not to double back if he really has a craving for the taste of rabbit in his diet. I shall clean the cave and write in my journey book and take care of the family of rabbits I have grown so fond of.

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