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I Will Be Returning Tomorrow

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Galandorf Redbark, Aug 10, 2017.

  1. Galandorf Redbark

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    My friends I have been gone for only a while to take a much needed break and will be back very soon.
    I was going to extend my absence but matters seem to be needing to be dealt with.

    I do have jobs for 2 guards of whom I will pay very well.
    If any wish to earn some coin please contact me as soon as you can.
    I have heard that Driftwood is mainly running the town in the absence of your Council members being present and that actually makes me feel
    safer returning. While not always seeing eye to eye he is a fair man and no longer being possessed by a madman is a good thing.

    I intend to make some big announcements that will hopefully benefit the town and create some unity between it's inhabitants.
    I have sought council from the Dwarven strong hold on Mount Redbark and have learnt a few interesting things.
    Due to the dark magic staining Fortunes bay I will be preforming a ritual to try and gleam how best we should proceed.
    Any will be welcome to the knowledge this will unveil please just come and see me once it is completed.

    I look forward to seeing my friends again and meeting the new residents in Fortunes bay.
    See you all very soon