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Finally On The Offence

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Galandorf Redbark, Mar 20, 2017.

  1. Galandorf Redbark

    Galandorf Redbark Barbarian Fighter Myths & Legends 2017 Epic Membership

    Blog Posts:
    My dear friends of Fortunes Bay,

    The weather is still abhorrent and I do hope it eases soon.
    I regret that Galandorfs will not be open for some time, most likely 2 weeks from now.
    I am glad it has been able to leave off and fill the void the disappearance of the Tavern Made.
    I hope that one day in the near future Draven will return and I will fill his cup with endless ale.

    No onto pressing matters.
    This Bandit business. Nasty stuff. They have been one step ahead of us each and every time.
    Lodovicus says he was able to capture one and forced them to reveal the hidden base before destroying him.
    It seems too easy. This may be a trap.
    If it is then it matters not, the trap must be sprung.

    Those that knew Pepper from the early times of Fortunes Bay know her to be a purely good soul.
    For one as fair as her to have possibly befallen a sinister fate is cause for passionate vengeance.
    I say seek your hearts and harness that passion, those that do not know her focus on the passion that moves you also.

    Fight bravely and with spirit but I urge you be smart.
    I have a plan that will help you all increase your chance of success dramatically.
    Driftwood I would call on you to speak with me about this plan as soon as you are able.

    May Fortunes forever be victorious!

    Galandorf Redbark

Village Crier