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Esker Accounts 7th Age, Spring.

Discussion in 'Clearsky Village' started by Keldor Ironfoot, May 18, 2017.

  1. Keldor Ironfoot

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    I got myself situated in my tent, garbed up and we did some light roleplay around the firepit. There were some new players, so we talked about past adventures. I was mostly quiet as I normally was. The king and his clan were absent. They were raiding the Ranch of Pizzas.

    The next morning I was the first one to awaken. I made two journeys to the Coronation palace before I saw another soul. It was Mal. He was starting a fire. Once everyone was up, Serena made some eggs and hashbrowns mixed together. A big bowl of this was ready for all to eat. We also tried Blood of thy Enemies Sport Drink. It was so good we started to make advertisements with a magic portal box. I was part of one or two of them.

    later there was a tree creature. I forget what type of creature he said he was, but he had a peculiar name. George Bush...... Anyway, He said that the undead were returning and attacking his lands. This tree with the gift of movement took a small group of us toward the horn's tip to see this for ourselves. This included King Mcarthur, Myself, Neztus, and an older lady that I have only met a few times. I can't recall her name. Near the camp of Trillium there was a treasure chest. Neztus opened the chest, examined the contents, then asked me if he owes me a gold. I couldn't remember, so I reached out for the gold piece in the chest. It was laced with paralysis poison. I expressed my displeasure with Nez as best I could with a paralyzed face. Luckily the Tree Creature was able to remove the poison from me. I was not happy with Nez. I restrained myself as best I could but I was furious with him. My hand regained some movement and my fingers clenched into a fist with a golden core. I was going to strike Nez, but I stopped myself. I stormed up the trail still trying to regain the feeling in my legs. I was angry with Nez for the rest of that day. When ever I would feel better about it someone would bring it up again. We continued up the trail until we came upon several freshly downed trees. The walking tree performed a ritual for the fallen, and we walked back to the camp. The walking tree said that one of the trees didn't like me. I was resting my shoulders and arms on my staff. I thought what could trees do to me. We looked up, and there was a whole tree hanging above us precariously. We decided to head back.

    Once we were back, I asked the King for some shield training. I learned a lot, and he said that I have improved a lot in our short session. My footwork greatly improved, and I learned how to fight with a sword and buckler.

    After that I participated in an archery contest. Everyone had 4 arrows. It took 3 rounds of firing for anyone to hit. The third round I won with 2 hits. Nez had 1 hit, and Murdoch had 1 hit. I was the victor and received a small token of achievement.

    The Sun had set, and we decided to sit around the campfire once again. I had some of my brew and I shared it with my friends. More stories were told around the campfire.