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Early Scoutings...

Discussion in 'Tea Tree Gully' started by Wulfric Hrolfsson, Oct 1, 2016.

  1. Wulfric Hrolfsson

    Wulfric Hrolfsson LarpCraft of Tea Tree Gully Host - Human Barbarian LarpCraft Host '17 Donor Myths & Legends Mythical | Legendary | Epic Member 2017 Waivers Elder '17 Old Waiver

    Blog Posts:
    The group has finally made camp and set up a few small hovels, tents and shacks for housing from the weather.
    Very shortly after, I advised the group that I would go out and scout the nearby lands around our new home.
    I will first describe the land - it's very heavily wooded with streams and rivers running all over the land, fresh water and lumber will not be a problem here as well as hopefully fish and other food. To our West it is very hilly before it becomes Mountainous - which is the direction we came from Fortunes Bay.
    To our East we can see Coastline stretch for ages both North and South. Initial scouting (from climbing a very tall tree) is that there may be some local tribes - what they are, humanoid or whatever else is yet to be discovered, I'll investigate one of these days, or they will discover us soon -
    I found very close to the camp, a Cave, a strange sounds coming from within... I will return to camp immediately and bring some of the members to check within the cave... We may find valuable resources within...

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