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Chapter 9 Larpcraft Groups (factions | Tribes | Guilds)

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    Groups within LarpCraft are designed for greater character interaction, use of skills, and team building. Groups within LarpCraft do get their own group vault and recognition if they become chartered. Once chartered they will receive their own vault, map section, profiles and communication areas. Groups of LarpCraft can cross into other game types, but their lore will likely be different.

    Group Vaults
    Group vaults cannot contain experience points. If a group is going to be at a game, they may be required to print off their vault information and take their vault items before play. Please contact your local host to determine if they have the required props to cover your group's assets. Players can charter their group by paying the processing fee in the LarpCraft store.

    Type Of Groups

    This kind of group has a common interest in a trade, skill set or other mutual interest.

    A faction is a group, party, government, or organization that is in favor of a common goal. Many times a faction will be part of a larger group such as a town, army or Kingdom but will specialize in a particular area of study or belief.

    A tribe is a type of community that may consist of a number of families, clans, and individuals who share a common goal. Tribes are commonly more indigenous and independent of other societies. It is common that tribes only allow their own races or those with a particular history to be part of the tribe.

    A smaller group of characters that function much like a faction, but are more tribal in nature.

    Colonies are now an in-game group name. Colonies usually consist of one or more guild, faction or tribe. They commonly claim vast areas of land and may have multiple areas of populations. Colonies do send their groups out for trade, disputes and protection duties among other things. Colonies do not occupy more than one game location.

    A stronghold is a small population of characters that has means of fortification by means of armed guards or small army. A stronghold is made up of at least 3 different groups within it. A stronghold is usually run by one leader of some type.

    A Village consists of at least 6 different groups, it has a board of leaders (in some fashion) and a lead character. Villages will be able to defend greater amounts of land and will have a larger population of guards / army, and a barracks.

    A Town is the largest population within games. They will have over 10 different groups, large areas of defendable land, big markets, an army and may have a ruler, Senate or some combination of governmental leadership. A Town will have many guard units along with one or multiple armies.
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