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Chapter 8 Larpcraft Band System

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    LarpCraft uses a simplistic band system to keep track of NPC (non-profiled characters) strength while also showing who can be engaged in physical combat and who can't.

    Band Placement
    All bands should be on the characters left hip, arm or wrist so they can be clearly seen by all other players. They can't be tucked under armor, costumes or props. If you have a question as to if your bands are in an OK part of your body, please ask an Elder for approval before you start playing.

    Orange Bands
    These are referred to as vendor bands and are in place to protect current vendors or other NPC's that are otherwise in the game for entertainment or other non-playable reason. They may interact with characters but for the safety of their surroundings, props, etc. you can't engage, loot or kill an orange banded character for any reason. The band is preferred to be solid orange (not too dark) or fluorescent orange.

    Yellow Bands
    These bands are referred to as non-combat bands. They can be worn by NPCs, playing vendors, and characters. These players can be looted, killed, poisoned, etc. The band merely indicates the player can't be physically attacked at all for any reason, but can still be engaged via non-physical roleplay. The yellow band system is used to protect equipment/props for an NPC or PC that may have breakable items around them. The bands were not designed to be permanent for players who are in their character roles all the time (unless otherwise approved by Elders).

    Example - A yellow banded character needs to be trapped with rope. You can't touch them so you must say *I bind you with these ropes* as you roleplay out doing so. Another example would be killing a yellow banded player. They can't fight back, sorry this isn't going to turn into a dice, card or other type game without real roleplay of actions. If a character comes across a yellow banded player they must kill; they would simply say something like *smashes character in the head and kills them* etc. and both characters can roleplay the physical movement out to keep the action going. If you have any questions about how this is played out, please contact your Elders before a game.

    Summary of the playable character band system
    You cannot attack, be attacked, looted or killed with an orange band on (vendor band).

    You cannot attack or be attacked with a yellow band on (but you can be looted, killed, etc. through roleplay). Bands must be on your left hip, belt or wrist (Visible) and long enough to see clearly.

    Optional NPC Band System
    LarpCraft hosts may use the NPC band system to keep track of and show levels of NPCs at a game. Below are the details to the system and what each band means. Be advised, not all hosts use the NPC band system, in this case, NPC hit levels will be just like that of a regular character. A non-banded NPC cannot have extra hit points; hosts must use the band system if NPCs are to be stronger than what their physical appearance represents.

    For 2016 NPC bands will no longer count for XP. There are no longer multi-color bands for NPCs either, it is simply a black band. The black band represents that an NPC will have more hit points than what is represented by their costume.

    It is not wise to simply slay a target wearing an NPC band. Just because they are playing an NPC, doesn't always mean they are a "bad guy." An NPC may be holding important quest items, lore, documents or other things that are vital to the game.

    NPC's may have hit points above and beyond what is worn on them. Bands are in place to represent the strength or difficulty of their character and make them much harder to kill than a typical character. Sometimes NPCs are far outnumbered and must adjust their hit counts so that characters get a challenge from the encounter.
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