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Chapter 5 Safety Rules

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    Our games are medium contact, meaning we do not swing full force with weapons. Our physical contact brawling or sashed play is only allowed by experienced players after training by your local LarpCraft host.

    Medium Contact Defined
    Medium contact using foam weapons can be defined as hits that make enough impact to know you got hit, but not such a hit that would cause a physical mark. Hard contact and medium contact are often confused. Weapon blows should be pulled at the last moment to avoid injury. If you hear a weapon breaking wind, said weapon is being swung too fast.

    All weapons must follow the LarpCraft specifications to prevent injury. Armor and accessories should not have hard corners or sharp spikes that could cut or impale anyone. Everything you use in the game gets checked every game.

    Do not physically touch the head, neck or groin with weapons or spells. All kills done to these areas must be no touch roleplay. Excessive accidental strikes to these locations may lead to you not being able to use a weapon for the rest of the game. Players who duck or dodge into blows on purpose with these locations can face similar disciplinary actions. If you do hit someone in these locations, please apologize and make efforts to avoid doing so again.

    We recommend players wear head, eye and groin protection if you are going to participate in physical combat. Do not wear anything (including glasses) into combat that you cannot risk breaking.

    Eye Glasses
    Those who play the games should wear athletic type eyewear. This game involves battles, running and various physical movement that can damage regular glasses or cause injury if the glasses are knocked or pushed into someone's face.

    Sensitive Areas / Groin Protection
    Players are responsible for protecting the areas they do want not hit by foam objects or items in the game. It is advised to wear proper protective gear in these areas while at events.

    You may be asked to rest or leave a game if an elder suspects you of being unfit to continue play or are a safety hazard to yourself or others. (Example: heat, dehydration, improper clothing, attitude, etc.). LarpCraft hosts are not responsible for players getting hurt because they didn't plan accordingly. Elders may not let you battle if you do not have the proper gear. This is a game of tag with foam sticks but anytime you swing anything at anyone, there are risks involved.

    Permission to touch requests are no longer required. This wording is now in the 2016 waiver. This is being done to increase immersion and to stop delays in the game. If you are uncomfortable with light game touch for roleplay, healing, looting, carrying (just examples) it falls upon the players responsibility to say "no touch". We strive for the highest immersion possible in game, but understand that this will allow folks the option of not being touched in they are uncomfortable with it.

    Physical touch rules
    Reasonable contact between players happens during games. Light touches to help players interact increases immersion. You can not grope or touch players in inappropriate areas.

    Do not dig through other players pockets or bags while looting. The target player shall hand lootable items to the character doing the looting. The character doing the looting must roleplay searching the target area they are looting before the looted character must reveal their possessions. An example: Character A kills character B. Character B is on the ground roleplaying their death. Character A begins roleplaying going through their bag but doesn't touch character B's bag. Character A says "looting bag" while making the motions of going through character Bs bag. Character B will then go through that bag and hand them the lootable items.

    If a player doesn't say what part of the body or subject they are looting, the target does not have to respond.

    Info on Emergency Contact should always be on your character sheet.

    Player and character information should be on all props, weapons, and costumes. This avoids contestation as to who owns what and can quickly get items back to the right player in the event something is lost.

    Having the proper attitude at the game will make your Larping event much more enjoyable for you and everyone around you. Elders can eject players for poor attitude or unsportsmanlike behavior. Do not swear in the game, especially in today's modern languages.

    Weapons need to be in good working order without a broken or movable core. Weapons must not have excessive whip/bend under force, or they will not be allowed. Please find more information in the weapons chapter.

    Using Two-Handed Swords With One Hand
    You can use a two-handed sword with one hand as long as you can safely demonstrate control. While in one hand, you cannot cleave.

    Use of Pole Arm With One Hand
    While being used in combat a polearm (large and small) must have 2 points of contact. Contact can be 2 hands, a hand and a hip or armpit, shield, etc. The user must safely demonstrate control.

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