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Back To Nature Vs Brainwash

Discussion in 'Chapter 14-6 Herbalist Profession' started by Hu Ryu, Jun 15, 2017.

  1. Hu Ryu

    Hu Ryu Father of the Meadowmere Coven Myths & Legends 2017 Legendary Membership '17 Old Waiver

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    Is a character under the effects of Back to Nature affected by Brainwash? Does Brainwash count as "harmful"? (Also relevant for Waterwall).
  2. Brigid Sieghart

    Brigid Sieghart Ex Valkyrie. Myths & Legends 2017 Epic Membership 2017 Legendary Membership 2017 Waivers '17 Old Waiver

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    It only makes you immune to damaging effects. Crowd control and dibilitating effects still work they just won't damage you. The idea is your a basicly covered in tree and can't be hurt by anything other then fire. But since magic effects you via anything your touching, any spell would still effect you In this case brainwash.
  3. Birna Fathmbjornsdottir

    Birna Fathmbjornsdottir Barbarian LarpCraft Sheboygan Elder Natus Gryphe Myths & Legends 2017 Waivers Elder Lifetime Award '17 Old Waiver

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    Agreed, Brainwash itself is not harmful. If the embedded urge would put the character into a situation where they could be harmed, then whatever potential non-fire damage the character would face is negated by Back to Nature.
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