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An Awakening

Discussion in 'Age of Creation and the Unknown' started by Liandria Raleous, Apr 1, 2017.

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    A single tone rang through the formlessness. One tiny clarion call parting the darkness almost as shocking as a single drop of white within the black paint but behind it followed another as the formless darkness began swirling with shapes. Colors came next slowly emerging as the darkness pulled back. There was no rhyme or reason for the disturbance. Almost as though conjured from the silence a shape pulled away from the liquid darkness disturbing the waters even more moons twirled from within. The land slowly rising almost as if drawn from nothing. The young woman shook in her sleep the dream was slowly pulling her back into the formation small bits of a new world a new reality. It was born from the minds of so many children. Would they play with the new worlds waters yes... it was their dream their own hidden truth beings spun but not simply from the dreams their nightmares also lived there. They drew breath as the ether spun them from the same power as the dreams it was their nightmares. once brought to life they ceased being fiction and became reality at least for their own time. Elves Dragons fairies Ogres . So many new lines of history. Would they remain would they survive no one knows but how close to the dreams and nightmares would they stay. Only Time would tell as the first day faded into the first night forms slowly came into consciousness.