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A New Beginning

Discussion in 'Character Histories' started by James Blackadder, Mar 12, 2017.

  1. James Blackadder

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    James son of John. grew up in the city of cambulltown where his father was a blacksmith and like all families he was taught by his father the family trade but, when he was old enough to hold a hammer he left home at the age of 20 against his father's wishes in order to pursue adventure and excitement ans though he knew that there would be hard times ahead he proceeded to leave his hometown anyway ...........now 15 years later James made very little progress ....or has he ?
    You see James has just woken up with a huge headache and notices a big lump on the back of his head he remembered leaving the town like it was yesterday but that's it ....was it yesterday ? He crawls towards a nearby puddle of water an see his reflection of himself and is shocked that he's aged a good 15 years he quickly splashes his face with the water from the puddle as if to wake up from a bad dream but he soon realised that this is no dream, then something in the bush's nearby catches his eyes he gets up and walks over cautiously but curiously towards it he looks into the bush's an see that it's a sword laying down on it's side he thinks to his self could this be mine ? He looks at a little longer before picking it up then said to him self..strange it feels familiar yet i have no memory of ever owning a sword then he hears a faint sound up ahead he decided to investigate it. and as he gets closer, the sound gets louder an clearer and realises people nearby. suddenly there's a sign next to the path that says welcome to Fortunes Providences.
    And that's where James son of John story beings

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