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Woodlands Of Esker Medieval Village Build

Discussion in 'Medieval Structures' started by Artenen Aeolus, Sep 9, 2016.

  1. Artenen Aeolus

    Artenen Aeolus Paladin | Captain of the Magna Navis Lore Master LarpCraft Host '17 Donor Myths & Legends 2017 Waivers Blogger Elder Host Vault House of the Iron Ring Lifetime Award Mapped

    This thread will be used to discuss the progress of the first Larp Camp we're building.

    LarpCraft of Sheboygan is now beginning the project of building a full medieval village! We'll be starting on the primitive 200 acres building huts, walls, keeps, etc. This video series will outline what we've learned along with tips and tricks we learn along the way.

    We begin to lay out the lumber, design and put up the core of the first common area and cooking place for the wandering tale tavern.


Village Crier