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Wiktor Kostka, The Return Home: Chapter Five: Black Gryphon, Part 2

Discussion in 'Character Tales' started by Wiktor Kostka, Dec 17, 2017.

  1. Wiktor Kostka

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    Wiktor Kostka, the return home: Chapter Four: Black Gryphon, Part 2
    You know Festus I did have peoples under me, boot I vas still fallowink somevon else's orders. I vould direct dhose dhat very under me, boot I vas nut de von dhat to tell dhem vhat ve had to do. I vas nut de von dhat told dhem de danger ve vould have to face. At most I vould say how ve vould go about it. Most of de time our trainink vould have already said how ve vould attack or defend sometink. I joost had to make sure my men did it.

    It vas at de rank of Cornet Iasignia dhat you really started to decide who vas going to have to go to de place ov most danger, who vould have to stand dheir ground as men died around dhem. After Timothy I did nut vant to have de blood of friends on my hands if I could help it. I never vanted to be Cornet Iasignia.

    I made de rank of Caporal faster dan most. I am nut sure if it vas because I really deserved it or I vas in de right place at de right time. I vorked a lot vith de horses because I knew how because of my chores I had to do at home. Dis put me around de peoples dhat had de higher rank. Day help decide who vould make rank end who vould nut. De fact I could read, write and do numbers, played a part too.

    Most of dhat first year, myself end de rest of de men dhat join Black Gryphon vith me protected de baggage train dhat fallowed de main force around. Ve did nut have anymore open field battles dhat year. We traveled a lot. I must have valked hundreds of miles dhat first year.

    Ve vould run into groups of bandits from time to time, boot dhey vould nut attack such a large force. Day vere more like vultures dhat vould fallow us into next town end try to rob anyvon dhat vould be comink back to camp drunk from de tavern.

    Dis vas another reason I did nut spend all my moneys. I never really had many friends dhat vere close enough to go drinkink vith. After Timothy died I push everyvon to train hard end nut take short cuts or goof off vhen de sargents were nut lookink. Dis did nut vin me any friends. You know Festus dhat maybe de main reason I made rank dhat first year. De sargents saw I vas willink to make sure everyvon did as day vere told, even if it meant no von liked me much. Guess I owe even more to Timothy.

    I remember vhen I made Caporal. Black Gryphon had taken a garrison contract in a northern town by de sea called Bjornby. De chieftain of de town vanted a bodyguard. Guess he did nut trust his own men. I tink only because I knew how to deal vith peoples dhat thought day vere more important dan you. Again because of have to deal vith costumers for so many years back home.

    Ve never did see any battle on dhat contract. De only think bad about dhat contract vas I had to vear de chieftain's colors, end nut Black Gryphon's. In truth most of de time I spent vith de Black Gryphon vas vaitink and marching to a new place to do more vaitink. ​
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