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Why not use real herbalism


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My wife has been steadily increasing our natural remedies stock. I would like to focus game herbalism on real herbalism. I'll be focusing on this topic in the next tavern talk.

I am currently building my first character around my actual talents. I am a collector and user of herbs in both my craft of magics and real world use. I have been studying and collecting herbs and plants for close to four years now. I have gotten to know the plants through touch, study and actual practice. Each herb seems to have a mind of its own and I connect with them on a very spiritual level. I intend to build my character around the use of magical potion making, as I am a healer, this may come quite naturally to me.

I am looking over the forums and very open to feedback and guidance. I hope to learn from online LARP so that I can find a group in my area to play with in real time.

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