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War For Darkmor Spring Realm Event

Discussion in 'Events' started by Dreddlok Eadnokka, Jun 14, 2017.

  1. Dreddlok Eadnokka

    Dreddlok Eadnokka Orc Ranger LarpCraft of Six Lakes, MI Host Myths & Legends

    The tension between the local orc clan and the other residents of Darkmor has reached the breaking point IT HAS COME TO WAR!!! Which side will you choose?
    Darkmor Colony of Larpcraft June realm event at The White Stag Outpost

    The weekend will consisting of PCvsPC and PCvsNPC battles and battles for wealth, resources, and territory that may aid you and your companions in the finial battle to come, Quest that may help or hinder you in the game.

    Garb for the weekend must be period,..medieval/fantasy based.
    No garb restrictions for new comers but we encourage to try to come up with something to wear.

    Some loaner weapons will be available at first come first serve.

    NPCs are always needed. first time and just want to learn the game? attendance is free, your food is covered, experience will be awarded, and you get $10 off your next event you attend. NPC twice and your 3rd event will be free

    Weekend Pass - $20.00
    Couple $35.00
    Single Day Pass- $10.00
    Couple $15.00

    Saturady June 24th
    10:00am - Check in, set up, meet and greet, weapon check, rule review, practice sessions.(Single day Pass players may check in as they arrive)
    12:00pm - Game In
    10:00pm - Game Out
    Sunday June 25
    Dawn - Game In
    5:00pm - Game Out
    6:00pm - Event End, brake down and clean up

Village Crier