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To The Paladin Of Tey

Discussion in 'Duinfell Regional Library' started by Sparrow Neraida, Jun 28, 2017.

  1. Sparrow Neraida

    Sparrow Neraida Bard Myths & Legends 2017 Waivers

    Dear Paladin of Tey,

    I suppose that was a rather formal address, but...I wasn't sure if I would have permission to use your name at the end of this letter, Amelia. I had planned on writing to you after our talk, if just to share lore about both of our Gods, perhaps even create a place in which there could be records about each God available to the people. Some, I know, have trouble truly finding out about Deities, whether they have questions about their own Deity, or want to be better prepared to avoid or combat the Gods of Evil. Just an idea, I suppose, that I thought you and your organization might appreciate.

    But, the true reason that I am writing to you now is to...Confess? I suppose that’s the right word for it. Ah, that makes it sound very ominous, and I apologize, I am not quite able to forge my words as well as I would normally be able to do so. As consequence for my own foolish actions, I am plagued by...unsettling dreams. Anyway, I should explain. After you, Harold, and Who made it to the Necropolis, we all returned to the tavern. Or, attempted to at least, the Dwarven woman was able to create a treaty with the Wolf Men that she would find a way to get them food so that they wouldn’t be forced to attack people such as us for survival.

    That is when it went downhill.

    We had rested for a while, when a woman entered the tavern, closed lipped about what her purpose was in the area, which I didn’t mind that much. Some are simply more private people, no? What she did say is that she was waiting for her,”Dealer,” which, I admit, made me think she was simply bartering for drugs. She was not, and I would have been much happier if she had. I had then decided to take a walk, my feet restless, and when I approached the bridge, I spied a group of people walking towards it from the other side. The cat woman that had decided to travel with me darted off to warn the rest of the tavern folk, as one of the people that was among the group was in chains that bound the neck and hands…

    The woman from before, and these men, were to exchange coin...For a slave. A human man, who had been so well trained that..(the writing grows more jerky, as if the writer is angry.) That his slavers professed that they were not afraid of him running, and he was ready to open his mouth to be inspected like an animal! I cannot put into words just how...how angry I was at that moment. When I realized what was happening, I turned on my heel and walked away. My friend Gwen seeing my face and my purposeful strides, thought I was about to attack her, which...Hurt, but I decided not to dwell on it for the moment. I told her of the situation, and...Never mind, that’s not important.

    What is important, is that I bought the second slave, who I thought might be a...Red Orc or some other strange race, from the Slavers, intending to free him. I am not an accomplished enough fighter to take down three slavers, but I had enough coin to save this man. Or, what I thought was a man. I attempted to bring him into the Tavern, but the Dwarven woman stopped me, professing that the woman had bought the other slave knew the...being that I had bought not to be any regular race. I asked the red skinned being if they would acquiesce to a Truth Spell…

    The reply, while positive, cemented my feelings of doubt that were stirred by the murmurings of the Dwarven woman.

    Through careful questioning, I found out that the man was a Demon, summoned by...I think the Slavers, and that he would leave this plane willingly if he was allowed to claim those that had forced him to come here. That he would not hurt anyone other than them, and that it was a Deal, so it could not be broken. Or, not by him at least. He also said that he would not return to this world in my lifetime. I’m unsure if this means that he can return when I die, but I suppose it’s to late now.

    I agreed, after asking for council from the Dwarven woman. The ritual to send the Demon back would be...it was dark. I had no materials, no chalk, no candles, and my own Goddess does not have the Light that can keep the energies of **** from seeping up the way some other Gods of Good can. The Goddess of the Moon is the same way I would imagine, but my Goddess is not that powerful yet either, sadly.

    So...I...I preformed a ritual, hastily put together, only binding the Demon, who still went willingly, and his two passengers, the one that was still alive going willingly as well, strangely enough, with silk cloth. The four of us channeled our magic together, and I spoke in the language that my Mother’s family had created to shape magic, and sent them to ****. It punched a hole in the veil, sealing barely, but we did it.

    I’m sorry. This must be horrifying to you, and I wish that I hadn’t...That I hadn’t let fear rule my reactions, and hasten my choices. I should have waited till you got back, or found more supplies, or...Something. I messed up, and I can feel the taint that doing that ritual has left on me, and I hate it. I’m reassured that the other three people who took part in the ritual aren’t as affected. I...I willingly took more of the burden, so that they wouldn’t have to. I suppose I just wanted to try to protect them, to protect everyone.

    I’m not very good at protecting people, it seems.

    I...guess that’s all I wanted to say. To share. Save, that every day since I’ve performed that ritual, I’ve done another one. I make a circle with chalk, then call upon Mother Earth, Tey, and the Lost Goddess, asking for forgiveness, and offering them each some of my Mana. To fix what I’ve done to nature, I offer to the Mother. To ask for penance, and to hopefully protect the area’s I visit from future darkness, Tey. And, for the Lost Goddess to help me find my way, as she has done before.

    I think Tey and the Lost Goddess would be really good at finding and helping those that are lost together. One to find, the other to save...Sorry, as I write this, my eyelids grow heavy, and I fear my words may be out of bounds. I hope this letter greets you well at least, for I must succumb to slumber, and face the Demons that haunt my nightmares. I can only pray that they grow bored of me, and give up, for I shall not give in.

    With respect,

    Sparrow Neraida

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