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This Madness Has Got To Stop

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by James Blackadder, Apr 21, 2017.

  1. James Blackadder

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    An innocent was wrongfully murdered tonight ... the reason ? ....Was it for money? No.....was it for revenge for something she did in the past? ....no
    The truth was she was killed MURDERED for making a joke ...that's right a joke about about putting a contract out on one of our people who lives in our town an once that person found out about the contract he confronted her an after she told him that it was a misunderstanding an that the hole contact kill thing was a joke did he just say don't do it again as it is not funny an that he would go to the Council to report her .? NO ...HE DID NOT instead he KILLED HER however when it came to dealing out how to bring justice myself along with the most of Fortunes Bay people sadly became a MOB an I'm a shame for my part as i let my anger get the best of me but however justice must be served by the Council an not a mob so please i ask the people of Fortunes ....to take the time to cool down an allowed true law an Order to take care of it ......for now

    James son of John
    James Blackadder