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The Longest Journey

Rachel Skymoon

House of the Rising Sun
"A heavy sigh escapes Rachel. Julian follows her movement as she grabs a small sack off the wall and leaves. She makes her way along the upper decks toward the bow.

"Here you go, Epona."

*The mare turns toward her mistress, nibbling the bright yellow apple from her hand.*

"Ari is still out fishing."

*Rachel nods and leaves.*

*Walking back across the deck, the young Elf stands in awe of the bustling around her.

Whinches squeak and whine as ropes are pulled at and loosened or tightened. Crewmen sprint the lengths of the deck. Then,she sees him, the one she calls Brother. standing solid and strong in the midst of all the activity.

With Julian's insistence aching from within, she gathers herself as best she can.

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