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The Longest Journey Chapter 1

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*Night fills the air and the wind dies to a standstill. The ship is now stationary.*

Crewman Dowell stands in front of Rachel and Artenen saying "Hark! The tranquility of the night doth lengthen our voyage. Tales of ships swallowed by the dread Deadwind, an eerie zephyr that forsakes its breath for months in certain corners of the vast sea, doth haunt the sailor's ears. Yon crew, stranded amidst the vast expanse, shall wither and famish under its malevolent grip."

Artenen scans the sea and says "Fear not, for we journey in the company of celestial guardians who stand vigil upon the ethereal bridge. Their benevolent gaze doth guide and protect us as we tread the path unknown. Trust in their divine presence, for they keep a watchful eye upon our passage." Artenen then comforts the crewman with a pat on the back and handshake before taking Rachel to her quarters for a good nights rest. Artenen sleeps in a hammock that sways in front of Rachels door, to keep watch on that which he holds most dear.
*Rachel sleeps in deep comfort until long about the small hours. She bolts upright in her bed.*

"Not again...."

^Her head burns and aches., she sips water from her canteen and lays back.*
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*Artenen envisions a dark creature lurking at the door, but in the neatherealm and wakes up to see nothing there*

Knocks on Rachels Door

Do you feel that? Artenen whispers
*Rachel shudders.*

"I did!"

*Rachel's cabin grows ice cold. The air fills with a deafening hiss. Fear send her into blind panic, stumbling to and from until finally she hits her head.*
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*Artenen hears the darkness inside and bursts through the door, staff drawn, and eyes glowing white*

Enchants a cleansing spell "Be gone, darkness depart, the light shines within, your saviors remark!"

*the dark being comes through to the living plane, it looks at itself in disbelief seeing that everyone in the room can see it. The being shreeks with glee as if excited to not be alone. It lunges towards Rachel, Artenen quickly darts in front of the being with his staff and begins attacking it. The staff connects! The being is in disbelief that it can be harmed. The first part of the enchantment makes it mortal! Artenen thrusts the white crystal of his staff into the being and begins to drain the beings essence into the crystal. Again, the being is in shock, and now pain as it's being destroyed. It tried to escape, but it's too late, The crystal is dark and has consumed most of the being already. Just before the being disappears, it cries out*

"Artenen, NO!" Was the last thing the being said before being destroyed.

"We shall hot have anymore darkness here" Artenen says with accomplishment in his voice.
*Rachel looks up into Brother's bright eyes.*

"In all ways and all things and everywhere, you are my protection. Verily, I am grateful to thee.."

*Rachel falls asleep in Artenen's arms.*
*The next morning the sea is still, the wind is gone and yet again, the ship sits. The crew looks worried but says nothing.*

Artenen wakes Rachel and give her some morning potatoes

Wicked thy dreams have been of late, we must be close to finding what seeks to stay in shadow.
*The Elf nods as she partakes of the meal with gratitude.*

" I feel both the powers at once." "Insanity seeks mine gifts in order to subjugate the innocence. It is all I can do not to give in. Stay with me always, I pray thee!!"
*The day drags on, with no wind. The crew begins ship maintenance and cleaning while they are all stranded*

Tis a shame we do not move. Artenen rolls up his sleeves and begins cleaning.
*Invoking a vision, Ella senses distress lurking along the coastlines. Ella pulls away from the vision as she quickly stashes her effervescent blue crystal back into her nap sack*

"Oy," she shouts to the men standing among the ports, "When are we expecting the next ship to arrive? I feel a danger lurking, and I have been sent word that the seas are not proving great strength to those riding its illustrious waves."

*She dangles her feet over the pier, rubbing her arms as she hides the fear of what might bring violence to the coves*
*Aboard the ship, the crew finishes their chores as twilight enters the sky yet again. The ships cook takes the captain aside on the deck and they begin to argue*
*Ella wearily makes her way to the pub locale*

*The barmaid limps slowly toward her as she perches on a stool, ready for flight at a moment's notice* -- "A brew for ya, eh? Yor looking as though yor brewing yorself, miss!"

*she nods with a smirk and tosses a coin to the barmaid, sipping the brew with wandering eyes*
*Back on the ship, Artenen hears the arguing from below and starts to realize we may be running out of food. He covertly slips into the stockpile area of the ship and quickly calculates rations for the entire ship and estimates meal rationing will begin at dawn. Artenen knows this is when a crew can mutiny rather quickly, and his party will not be safe if things progress. *

Artenen opens Rachels door and sees her worry with knees buckling.

Verily, fear not, fair Rachel. We art running perilously low on victuals, and when the crew doth discern this dire state, they may foment a mutiny. 'Tis wisest to gather thy strength and ready thy mind for a night fraught with peril and uncertainty. Artenen says
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