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The Longest Journey Chapter 1

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*Great warmth overcomes Rachel's heart and she relaxes into Artenen's Light. Her mind and soul unfold like petals of a flower as she focuses on the chant.*
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*Artenen picks Rachel up and carries her to the dock where a merchant ship awaits for the cove*

While you heal, I shall carry you. Rest and concentrate dear one.
*Rachel hears Artenen's message and follows his advice. His Light seals around her; standing guard. The worries of the world, though they endeavor cannot disturb her. All is peace. All is Focus.*:
*The ship begins to sail, the waters are choppy and the ship is experiencing spray off the bow. Artenen keep Rachel dry and holds her as she begins to heal. He notices her hands are no longer dry and cracked, her face begins to look younger, and she appears to be smiling.

At the end of the first night, Rachel opens her eyes"
*Rachel nods gratefully and eats the fruit and wine, savoring each bite and. Sip as if it were a precious gift. Indeed it is, as it replenish her strength and connection to the Elements.*
*day two of the 5-7 day trip begins. The seas are calm and the weather is hot*

Pray Rachel, how didst thou fare in thy rest last night? Verily, I found solace in the serenity of the tranquil seas and the gentle caress of the temperate climate.
*the waves begin to pick up and clouds begin to get dark, the wind picks up again and water begins to drip down from the top deck.*

The sea is angry now. Let us pray.
*,Rachel nods, drawing close to Artenen .*

I am afraid.....

*Just then a crash of thunder makes her jump and fall backward.*


*She gets back up and manages to huddle next to Brother Aeolus.*
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*Artenen quickly grabs Rachel before she fully hits the ground preventing serious injury*

Hold fast, Rachel. Take firm grip and watch thy stead and gaze upon the majestic sight as thy noble beasts dance to the rhythm of the mighty sea. Verily, thou shalt witness their ancient instincts unveiled, forsooth!
*Rachel nods and watches, remaining tight beside her noble protector. *

Great Seasons!

*Indeed the quartet of pets rise up and prance upon the waves each glowing with iridescent and opalescent power..*

What miracle is this? I sense a great surge within.
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