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The Alfuren - The Spirits Of Nature

Discussion in 'Neutral Deities' started by Xarin Takeda, Mar 25, 2017.

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    Alfuren - The Spirits of Nature
    Followers: Druids, Barbarians, Rangers, Witch Doctors.

    Alignment: Neutral

    While most people believe purely in the gods, there are some who believe that every aspect of the natural world has its own power. That instead of a single deity commanding nature, every tree, rock and stream has its own spirit, and they will lend their power to those they deem worthy.

    These are the Alfuren, the spirits who govern the natural world. Many Druids draw their power from these spirits, gaining their favour in order to perform feats of magic.

    Not to be confused with the spirits of the dead, the Alfuren are spiritual embodiments of the natural world. They reside in everything around us. There are spirits of grass, lightning, fire, waves, wind and even the insects. For every natural phenomenon and being, there is a spirit.

    These spirits were created alongside the first primitive races; Beasts, Elves, Orcs and Fairies. When they were brought into existence, the essence of life seeped into the forests, the winds, the very earth itself, giving those things a semblance of life.

    However, these beings realised the conflict being brought about by the demons, and later, the giants. And so they hid for many many years, only revealing themselves after the treaty between the orcs and elves, during a time of relative peace.

    The origin point of these spirits is a large forest known as the Whispering Woods, named because if someone was completely silent, they might hear the whispering of the spirits. However, nobody knew what they were until several years later.

    The first to discover these spirits was an elf, who's name has been lost to the ages. Every day he would meditate in the forest, hoping to connect with a nature deity. However, what he found was something else entirely.

    He came to understand that everything in his forest had an aspect, or a spirit that resided within it and controlled it. He treated these spirits with respect, and in time, they allowed him to wield their power over nature.

    The elf went on to pass this knowledge down to a select few, who strive to protect nature and keep the balance, using the spirit's magic to combat any threat.

    In some cases, the magic is a lesser part of the religion, as it is based mostly around respecting and protecting ones surroundings. Some of the more tribal people throughout Myrium follow this religion because they feel a deep instinctual bond to the natural and spiritual world.

    Symbol: a circle, inside of which there is, from top to bottom, a wavy horizontal line, a jagged horizontal line (like a lightning bolt) and a straight horizontal line.
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