Skymoon Adventure

Rachel Skymoon

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Feb 19, 2020
Rachel catches up and walks with Brother to make certain he doesn't trip over himself, then gives him privacy.. As she waits, She catches something odd out of the corner of her eye. A tall figure in a gray cloak seemingly watching her. Rachel slowly turns away...only to find herself practically nose to nose with the stranger, frozen in place and rendered mute.

After gazing squarely at Rachel, the Stranger places a tied black bundle in her hands.


Rachel looks at the bundle, and finds a small label attached to one of the cords. Her name is on the label with Brother Aeolus's.

The Stranger speaks with the coo of a dove and the sigh of a Spring wind as they explain what they had given her .

"These are gifts, treasures of power tied to the precious item thou seekest."

"One alone will not achieve the defeat of Silence. Share the powers with he that watcheth over you.
When...disaster befalls the world....use these to find us....Little One."

As quickly as the stranger appeared, they vanish in a swirl of green light. Rachel swoons and blacks out. She awakes minutes later to the sight of a worried, if still somewhat inebriated, Brother Aeolus kneeling at her side.
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