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Online Forum Basics | Roleplaying Your Larp Character Online


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Greetings Larpers, Welcome to the forum roleplay learning areas. This is an NPC account used by some of the forum-based admins of LarpCraft.com. This forum is designed to show you the basics of playing your larp character online.

LarpCraft has always believed that the game should never really end after a LARP. The tales and documented adventures should be shared and cataloged online as they would be in the physical realms. This system allows us to really dive into Larp beyond the games, while giving us the time to fully develop storyline, quests, lore, and more. One of the most exciting aspects of the online gameplay is it allows us maximum exposure of the game while we're out in the realms, since we can all know everything, we need to know before a physical game.

The online gameplay and lore saves many hours of waiting in the real games. Since time is precious and we value the real interactions above all else, great efforts are being put forth to give all players a chance to interact online between games.

Now, while the online games are a real gem, they do NOT replace the real larp games. You can't overwrite or destroy what happens in a real game with the online forum roleplay. The online gameplay is not designed to overtake the real games, know that going into this thing.

Hosts of the Larp games have final say what happens in their realm regardless of what happens in the Online system. You'll see their posts as admin NPC accounts as well for their writing and roleplay teams. We encourage you to contact your local host before interacting in their online setup or they may deny your posts, and nobody wants hard work to not be allowed so that's really important.

There will be "online only" realms within the larp worlds that are only able to be referenced in real larp games. These will be disclosed as such and can be used in real games via story and lore, not never physically represented.

When using the online in-game forums be very careful what you write. Know that if your lore contradicts lore that is already written, and writers are not aware of the proposed change, the lore already written will be the base. Now, if the writers, hosts, and players agree to change their lore, story, characters, etc. etc. the hosts of said realm will have the ability to modify, edit, overwrite, or simply delete what's already documented here.

It is very common that a new host of a realm will modify their lore and storyline after playing physical games. If you don't have a larp nearby, and want to participate, we suggest starting in the online-only realms to help flush out characters, lore, heraldry, and more.

Do not make the mistake if writing lore that makes you royalty or a high-value character. That will (if approved) translate into real gameplay that will usually be met with a lot of resistance. Know you have to build groups like that in the real-world through real games first. Online is best to start solo and just meet a few other characters to get started. Yes, you can have more than one profile as a player. Each profile should be unique, have a unique email, and will require 100% different garb if you are going to play that character in the real games.

More will be added here based on feedback. Feel free to post below to ask questions or add suggestions!

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LarpCraft aims to help the users and the industry foster sustainable larp games through communication, interaction, and obtainable objectives.

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Treat each other with respect, only roleplay in the roleplay forums for each system.

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