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Nord Tribal Lands


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Nord is one of many Indigenous lands that not only respects the natural environment and its inhabitants but thrives because of it.​

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The Northern Wetlands are home to many plant and animal species. The Northern Forests are hearty places teeming with life and color. This is a land where the arts have been practiced for hundreds of years. The local people live well in health and prosperity, governed by their age-old customs. The Nords lead a self-sufficient lifestyle that adheres to deep respect for the land.

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Plants and medicinal herbs are collected without damaging them, and fish is caught by spear crafting or with rods woven from natural fibers found in the area. They have a deep respect for the land. To them, this land is what connects spirituality and health. These regions are extremely important to endemic plant and animal species, because they represent a vital refuge from rapid coastal flooding brought by the tides.

Divided into traditional districts, these tribal communities have existed for centuries in harmony with nature, unaffected by war and famine. Spirits under various names play an important role in daily life and spirituality - this informs how Nords behave towards large natural features like rivers, mountains, lakes etcetera. "It all really is connected," says Tyr Uvig, a respected tribal leader of the Nord people. “The stories came forth from the waters, wind, earth and sky."
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**Chronicles of Nord: Legends of the Icebound Spirits**

**The Crystal Caverns of Nord**

Hidden beneath the Northern Wetlands is an expansive network of caverns shimmering with ice crystals. These aren’t ordinary crystals; they retain memories. Touching them can transport a Nord’s consciousness back to ancestral times. Only a select few, the Memory Keepers, are trained to navigate these caves without becoming lost in time.

**The Sacred Fireflies of the Forest**

During twilight in the Northern Forests, ethereal fireflies emerge. Unlike any other, they glow in a spectrum of colors. A Nord tradition involves capturing one in a jar and whispering a secret to it. The firefly then carries this secret, changing its color based on the nature of the whispered tale, until it’s released to join its kin in a mesmerizing aerial dance, telling tales in colors to those who can decipher them.

**The Echoing Canyons**

To the east of the tribal lands, canyons carved by ancient rivers catch the winds. When the Nords sing their age-old songs here, the canyons echo back, but not with the same song. It's believed these echoes are responses from spirits, offering wisdom, warnings, or blessings.

**Rituals and Traditions**

1. **The Celestial Veil Dance:** Under the auroras of the Northern skies, the Nords perform a dance wearing cloaks woven with threads from the rare Ice-Silk Moths. As they dance, the cloaks catch the lights, making the dancers appear as if they're phasing between realms.

2. **Moonshade Harvest:** Every thirteen years, a unique plant called the Moonshade blooms. Its petals reflect the moonlight, casting ethereal shadows. Consuming its nectar allows one to converse with the shadows, which are believed to be spirits from the Nord's past.

**Guardians of the Tribes**

Each district of Nord has a guardian spirit, an ancient beast that watches over its people. These include the Snow Lynx of the Frost District, the Icewing Falcon of the Gale District, and the Glacial Serpent of the Lake District. These guardians are often invoked for protection, guidance, and during major tribal decisions.

**Words of Tyr Uvig**

Inscribed on a monolith in the central square, Tyr Uvig's words serve as a reminder: “The heart of Nord beats in harmony with the land. Respect its rhythms, honor its spirits, and Nord shall thrive for eternity."

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