It's time to Roleplay


LARP can mean so many things to so many people. It's nearly impossible to explain all the things people invent to play games all across the world. Since 2010 a group of us started our little group based on simple principles. Games must be easy to understand, quick to learn, interesting enough to invest time in, and balanced enough to keep vet players while still bringing in new ones. You'd think this would be a fairly straightforward task, but LARP is always constantly at battle with itself in these tasks.

You see, as people learn to LARP, they come to terms with how to add to games, story, and characters. Once players have this experience, they crave more of it, many times, to the point where players split the games and leave the main group or groups. This is one of the reasons why our group never got larger than a few thousand people. Games become too complex, poor leadership, people wanting more and more abilities vs more and more story. The bottom of this first bell curve came around 2017 for our first game series called Myths & Legends. That game is now run by Serena Valentina and @murdoch and they've done great things with it.

I've taken a long break from hosting games but never lost the bug, never sold my gear, and have been sitting here back building and thinking how could version 2 go. With the downturn of the world, and people butting heads on just about everything, it kept me from starting over. Now, I see that there's an end to this madness and in a few years, we're going to experience the return of good times with good leadership. This all comes into play for LARP, because this is a hobby and has a tourism element to it. We need enough people to play the game, and have the gear to make it seem real. It's time once more to roleplay.

Yes, I said years. It'll take years to get this engine back up and running again. Much like the first of our success, it'll take lots of long hours of story, game design, and online roleplay to build up things we can use in real games. We've put back together, and are slowly looking at adding the game system for our historical system called Kingdoms. This game is heavily backboned by history and then we toss in a few mythical fantasy elements to it.

Medium to heavy medium contact is the name of the physical side of the game, roleplay is the focus. These games don't have a beginning or an end. Characters are born (actually, that's the only real-life thing that's never happened in a LARP game to my knowledge), invented, and then played out. Some die... well, on a long enough timeline all characters end up crossing over to the afterlife...

I look at this site and see a clean slate to invent something amazing. Learning from LOTS of hosted games, and attending other games, there's a more defined realization and expectation with Kingdoms. We won't make the same mistakes again. Wait... I let the domain expire and someone took it... lol dang it... ok so... new name... no problem...

Kingdom... ok Thrones... what's epic... hmm.... broken... Broken Thrones... ok, that makes it interesting. So Broken Thrones.... make a logo... alright... this should work for now. Check domain... is open, so.. ok, cool meant to be.

See, we can overcome obstacles. Will just build that site like this one, but way more epic. :) So I guess we'll jam over there. Maybe we make LarpCraft the parent forums for all things not game related... I dono. Miss something epic, and forums alone are not epic.