How To Roleplay In The Forums


Life is a journey, one worth exploring fully!
Create a character and interact on the forums within the game you'll be playing.

Italic describes an action. The more detail you can paint for readers, the better. - Artenen sits at the back, dimly-lit table of the dining area.

Regular text is seen as spoken word. - I say, did you catch that fish here?!? Artenen asks the local fisherman on the bridge.


In the event action items are needed, you'll be able to roll dice for actions characters can't control. This function can be limiting though so large roleplays should also use the online chat function as an "out of game" area for the roleplay forums.

If your character dies in the roleplay forums, it's your choice to leave them dead or to bring them back online. If your character is dead in the roleplay forums, at a live-action game, your character should start as a spirit.

It is encouraged that you work out roleplay campaigns ahead of time. What you write in the in-game forum posts, become living history that game promoters can use. This also means if you make up history about a location without first doing research about the roleplay, your entire campaign could be deleted if it "overwrites" in-game lore. Most of the time these things can be modified to work out, but know that live-action game lore and story will always supersede any online only roleplay.

Quest items may bridge gaps between online and live-action roleplay. Characters outside of an area may be able to write their characters as "nearby" and work with game hosts to bring in quest items, lore, story, or simple messages. The idea here is to help build an immersive experience between the online world and live-action world, and to use the time between events to keep building lore and story.
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