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Flora And Fauna Of Fortunes Bay - Coastal Casurina

Discussion in 'Fortunes Bay Library of Scrolls' started by Rhoyden Woodward, Oct 11, 2017.

  1. Rhoyden Woodward

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    This variety of large, wispy tree can be found all across the coast of Fortunes Bay and the surrounding lands. Most commonly identified by its wispy, needle-like leaves, it is commonly found atop or behind the layers of sand-dunes, providing shade for beach-goers and townsfolk alike. In addition to these already notable features, these trees also produce clusters of distinctive, small, sharp seed pods. When heated and dried, these seeds pods can be coaxed to open and release their small seeds, which can be either roasted or eaten raw for a rather meagre source of nourishment, or used to attract small to medium game-birds from finches to turkeys. In addition to edible seeds, the resin from certain variations of this tree are entirely edible, and can provide the much-needed nutrients in desperate survival situations. To extract the resin, one must chop away at the thick bark coating the outer layer of the tree, peel this layer off of the trunk, and score the exposed softwood of the trunk with a knife or hand-axe. Gradually, the resin will ooze from the exposed surface and drip towards the base of the tree, ready to be collected.
    This tree has been a staple of woodsman, druids and naturalists for countless generations, with reports of its cultivation and harvesting stemming back through oral history to times before written history.

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