Chapter 1 Introduction to Broken Thrones


Life is a journey, one worth exploring fully!

LarpCraft games are all about living a character through roleplay. Our games are not about a player winning or having the most abilities. Our games are story-driven.

Broken Thrones is a simplistic medieval fantasy game filled with different races, melee, and magic, but it also encompasses actual skills such as foraging, smithing, battle tactics, heraldry, politics, and economy. Characters have nearly limitless ability to choose their paths based on the players' interests. Clothing should reflect your region, tribe, faction, or Kingdom at all times. Your gear should be period from the stone age through the early victorian eras, again... depending on your story and where you come from.

Broken Thrones does not negate physical abilities. If you're a combatant type, have invested in the equipment and armor, and have the skills to win real skirmishes, then that'll translate to doing well on the battlefield.

Magic, potions, poisons, and herbalism are great in their own rights as well. We carefully balance abilities to be effective, but not overly powerful so it doesn't wreck the game. Most effects resulting from crafted items will also have a counter or antidote. Balance is the key.

The Broken Thrones game system keeps track of your coin, stories, and related character history. Your abilities in the game are not dependent on experience points or anything like that. In Broken Thrones, it's all about the props and roleplay. You can make a character fully set up with the appropriate skills, we just expect you to have a backstory on how those skills were learned.

The world of Broken Thrones is called Cynee. It has many islands and all major biomes of the earth. It is also equal in size to our real planet. Below are some map files, the names, and interactive Google Earth map file allows you to load this skin over earth.


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