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As you may have seen, this site has gone through several changes as we learned how to build, code, and design websites throughout the years. The vision for LarpCraft would be to allow people to find games, allow hosts to easily host games we have here, and allow online roleplay that feels as seamless as possible.

Over the years, we've learned a lot about game design, leadership, videography, work flows, merch, and so much more. I can honestly say this has been a massive learning experience both from the website side and from the game side.

It takes a long time to learn all this stuff and practice it before putting it live online. 2022 will be the year when this site reaches it's end design, a vision we began almost 15 years ago.
Emails now also appear to be working again. Push notifications should also work. Phone app should work as well.
Still dealing with a LOT of spam account getting made. The system stops them from getting in to make posts but profiles are made. 25-250 a day. It's very frustrating setting up all the filters and blockers, and recaptcha's and everything but.. arg. I removed all accounts I could that weren't real. Anyway... pressing on.
Added Cloudflare Turnstile A friendly, free CAPTCHA replacement. Non data-intrusive unlike Google and other big-tech. Will monitor results. We're at about 20 fake accounts being registered a day atm.
Changed Copper to XP with a value of 1000 XP to one silver. Increased the amount of XP you can get for doing things and posting stories on the site.
Achievement Fixes
- Properly cache awarded badge IDs for user criteria a rebuild job will be automatically started after the update, this may take some time)
- Fix: correct handling from legacy "has badges" criteria format

Search Fixes
Search forums now excludes "Link forum" type of forums.
Now excludes posts which are in a soft deleted thread.

New Feature -
You can now see who's read the thread (paid members only)
Who Read.JPG
Currency changes and updates:

Fix: When viewing options from pages other than the "Settings" page, a server error could be generated
Change: Attempt to resolve issues with Revival events
Fix: Fix server error when downloading a resource version
Fix: The Wallet widget would not save the correct values when choosing which currencies to display
Fix: Fix an issue where the "Show to self and designated user groups" currency privacy setting did not apply correctly
Fix: Content type reference in the Transaction entity
Fix: Fix PHP 8.1 compatibility issue
Feature: Per-currency option to disable richest users' amounts in overlay
Feature: Disable richest users' amounts in widget
Fix: Fix potential server error when merging posts
Fix: The currency setting "Maximum Earned" did not work as intended
Fix: Internal change to fix a developer-only issue
Fix: Fix missing phrase in Approval Queue
Fix:* The Daily, Interest, Taxation, Paycheck and Birthday events did not respect the "Frequency" related event setting
Arrowhead preorders added to the store (still getting the molds and foam set up). Store History added as well.

Looking at different designs for the website. Going to toss in a character builder app so you can pick race, class, and abilities for character sheets without the need for folks to manually process abilities. This site already has a web app so it should all look good on phones and provide hosts and players with an easy way to check abilities, systems, XP, coin, factions, etc. Yet it'll all still work with the phone web app for android and iphone 13's and above.
I've been working hard on other larp designs and will be moving away from the current platform. The new site will be more visual and community oriented, with a robust game tracking system, store, gallery, learning center, and forums.

You can see some of what I've already started designing at

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LarpCraft aims to help the users and the industry foster sustainable larp games through communication, interaction, and obtainable objectives.

Website Rules

Treat each other with respect, only roleplay in the roleplay forums for each system.

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