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Blending LARP with Text RP


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Blending a LARP (Live Action Role Play) with online roleplay in text-based forums is an exciting venture that can help sustain and expand storylines between games. Here's a concise guide on how to properly roleplay in text-based forums:

### 1. **Character Consistency**:
- **Background & Motivation**: Your character should have a clear backstory, goals, and personality. This should remain consistent between both the LARP and the online roleplay.
- **Speech & Actions**: How your character speaks and acts should be distinct. Use consistent mannerisms, speech patterns, or catchphrases.

### 2. **Respectful Interaction**:
- **Consent & Boundaries**: Always ensure all players involved are comfortable with the storyline's direction, especially if it's personal or sensitive.
- **Avoiding Godmodding**: Never dictate another character's actions or reactions. This means you can't decide if your attack hits another player, or how they react to situations.
- **Conflict Resolution**: Disputes may arise. Address out-of-character (OOC) conflicts privately and respectfully, away from the public forum.

### 3. **Detailed Descriptions**:
- **Environment & Setting**: Paint a vivid picture of your surroundings and actions. This helps other players understand and respond appropriately.
- **Internal Thoughts**: Share what's going through your character's mind, giving depth to their decisions and emotions.

### 4. **Stay Active & Engaged**:
- **Regular Participation**: Ensure you're actively contributing to keep the storyline moving.
- **Inform of Absences**: If you're unable to participate for a while, let others know so they can adjust the storyline accordingly.

### 5. **Use Clear Formatting**:
- **Separate IC (In Character) and OOC**: Use different formatting or brackets to distinguish between in-character and out-of-character comments. E.g., [OOC: I'll be away next week.]
- **Action Descriptions**: Differentiate actions from dialogue. E.g., *She walks to the window,* "It looks like rain."

### 6. **Adaptability**:
- **Flow with the Story**: Be willing to adapt and evolve based on how the story unfolds, even if it wasn't the direction you initially envisioned.
- **Accept Feedback**: Be open to feedback on how to enhance your roleplaying skills.

### 7. **Maintain Forum Etiquette**:
- **Stay On-topic**: Ensure your posts are relevant to the ongoing story or thread.
- **No Spamming**: Avoid posting multiple short messages in quick succession.
- **Respect the Moderators**: Adhere to the rules set by the forum administrators and moderators.

### 8. **Archive & Review**:
- **Document Major Events**: For new members or for reference, maintain a summary or archive of major story events.
- **Review Previous Posts**: Before posting, review recent posts to ensure you're up-to-date with the current scenario.

Lastly, regularly communicate with your LARP group. This helps align the text-based stories with upcoming live events, ensuring a cohesive and enriching roleplaying experience.

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