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Artenen's Death Story | Rachel Skymoon and the High Priest Brotherhood

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*Rachel nods and boards the ship. She then makes her way toward Brother's cabin and rifles the maps and sea charts.*

*Here it is. The map to the island mountain of Krale. Brother says there's a high priest there who can help us."

*Julian puzzles over the yellowed parchment before spotting a bright red X over a mountain in the top right corner.*

"Looks quite the ways off."

"We have little choice. Brother's counting on us "

*Again, Rachel, clenches the Key. It is as if she fears losing him once more.*

*She puts away the thought and heads up toward the wheel of the ship. She finds Epona standing stock still near the stern of the ship while Ari perches in the crow's nest.*
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*Rachel takes a deep breath and closes her eyes. Silent magic stirs deep down inside and she is taken by trance. She seats herself in a meditative pose.*

"O, Key of The Star, I beseech ye propel this noble craft to our destination. "
a moment goes by and then the boat moans and creeks, a blue light is observed under the vessel, every second that goes by the blue light grows stronger and stronger until a being, full of light, almost too strong to look at, climbs aboard on the port side of the ship. Slowly, the light dims and you can see what looked like remainder of a tail, turn into legs (fully). It is an adult male merman.

Greetings, I am Jav of the Porion Tribe. I sensed a distress call from Artenen, our watcher of the land. How can I be of assistance?
"OH, Yes, Please, Good Sir. I am Rachel Skymoon, a compatriot of Artenen. Wouldst thou happen to know the way to the island of Krale? Brother Aeolus is in dire need of the high priest that resides there."
We can sail to Krale, yes.

Jav goes to the starboard side and makes an inaudible call, more blue lights and a team of 6 merman board the craft. They immediately begin sailing the craft while taking care of Rachel and her crew.

a few hours pass as dawn appears on the horizon. Krale is a beautiful island with high mountains and lush, tropical vegetation. They see no port, only a cove to anchor in.
*Rachel marvels at the beauty around them. She feels the peace from within The Key of the Star well up in her heart.*

"This is a very good place.....the very air is alive with healing.."

"Hoooo, so true."

"Well, I for one am quite content having all four hooves on dry land. The salt water wrought havoc upon my poor mane."
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Jav and the crew prepare the dingy to carry Rachel and her companions ashore.

Jav: We'll set up on the ship and finish the repairs, then wait here until you and Artenen have returned. Our crew will also fish and stock the barrels with fish and fresh, delicious seaweed and make salt preserves.

Be careful on Krale, it is not all as it seems. There are hunters here, a tribe known as the Blood Skulls. I'd say at least a few dozen strong men protect the tribe. They will hunt and eat anything, even you. They have no language and only grunt and scream so there's no reasoning with them. They serve an ancient God called Smilgrath, one believed to cause sickness and pain... however little is known if this God is actually real.

Jav lowers the rowboat into the water with Rachels party on board. A crewman rows them to shore and then returns to Artenen's ship. The beach has a game path, but no road or stone trail. It is dawn, warm, and muggy with a hint of bugs.
*Rachel nods and pulls Epona's reigns moving her forward to the mountains that loom majestically in rhe distance.*

"Everyone stay sharp."
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They begin walking down the path straight ahead, the bugs and humidity have let up, the ocean breeze has come in and made the travel easy going. The trail is fairly smooth and well-traveled by the creatures of the jungle.

After nearly 2 hours on the trail, they notice there hasn't been any wildlife at all. No birds, no animals, nothing. It is silent in all ways but the wind in the trees. The peaks of the small mountain (hill) they are heading toward if now visible overhead.
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