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Artenen's Death Story | Rachel Skymoon and the High Priest Brotherhood

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After sailing day and night, no port is yet to be found. Artenen gets out his map.

It's as if I'm going in circles according to the sundial. Hmm...

Just then Artenen sees a mystic blue light coming from the port side of his ship.

Well, the gods answer, ha.

Artenen sails towards the light as dusk approaches

The sea is filled with a blue light! Never in my days have I seen such a thing.
Just then, a flash of white light shot out of the water above the ship, it is in the shape of a Trident. It points towards land in a Southeast Direction. Just then the entire ship is moved to that direction, and with the sails down, the ship begins to move under the Trident to that direction.

I must be dreaming! Artenen thinks to himself

An hour passes and the ship is still moving along the coast with the white Trident glowing above.

Well, I've never had a dream like this last so long. Perhaps this is real? I should try and sleep to wake myself up again.

Artenen falls asleep in his bed on his ship and a few hours later wakes up and runs out to the deck. The light is still there and the ship is still moving.

I guess I wasn't dreaming! What could this be?
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Artenen continues to sail for what feels like a year

This doesn't make any sense, the stars are not moving and no light of day breaks the dawn?!?

If I'm not dreaming, am I going mad?

just then the light speaks in a deep, soft voice

"You are not worthy of these lands"

The light vanishes, in the blink of an eye, the sky turns to day and Artenen crashes into an unseen island just beneath the water. His ship is taking on water and is badly damaged. Artenen was thrown from the stern and knocked out as he fell towards the bow.
As Artenen begins to die and cross over, he looks to the side where his body lies in the water. He sees the shoreline is near, and that he could have survived if he wouldn't have given up.

The journey to the All Father starts with a beam of light. Artenen feels joy unlike anything he's ever felt before. His mortal troubles seem to just drift away.

Artenen loves this feeling and senses he can move around the mortal plane freely as he ascends. Realizing he can slow his accent, he sees on the horizon some animals and flies over to investigate quick.
Hooooo! She's been waiting for you and needs you!"

*Ari is suddenly exhausted. Her wings droop and she falls from the sky. Nicholas looks at the small bird in his gloved hand."

"Poor creature, She flew as if her life depended on it, But why?"

"Artenen Aeolus....." "The only one who can restore hope and courage to the heart of our mistress."
Artenen enters the spirit world. It's your typical clouds and spirits and light. Artenen notices beings all around him but they are like shadows, he stops moving in the cloud and the being, which he can't make out clearly gather around him. A voice from above says "do you believe in the light? Surely, you know how to use the light, but do you give yourself freely to it?". Artenen gives pause then says "Why is there so much dark, lies, and deceit against the light? Why have you not called those like me to remove the dark and suffering?" Now, Artenen is thinking it was a bad move to answer a question with a question when one is at the gates of the spirit world...

For what felt like forever, the being above, nor the shadows around him spoke or moved. Suddenly, the light spoke "You Are Not Worthy" and then Artenen began falling from the sky back to his dead body. On the way down, he felt pain, remorse, sadness once more and Artenen knew he had spoken the wrong words to the light. As he fell, he looked around across the world and images flashed of decay, evil powers, children's deaths, political corruption, senseless wars, greed, gluttony, and weak mindedness. The horrible feeling he can't stop was a hell of the mind for what felt like hours of decent.

Finally, he saw the shipwreck and his dead corpse laying among the ruins, his body being pecked by the birds and rot had already set in, his flesh was already bloated and peeling, he knew there was no going back to that body. As his spirit sat beside this corpse, a dark figure came out of the water, laughing with delight.

"You See Artenen, all is lost. You can't change the world or the evil seeded deep within all beings." Said the dark creature, hooded to conceal it's identity.

Artenen sat there, lost... truly lost for the first time ever.
Meanwhile, at the inn, Rachel has fallen into deep and painful fever. Fire burns through her heart as she watches everything around her turn to ashes. She clutches her Star Key as looks toward the ocean. Skeletal birds circle what looks like an Armor clad corpse.*

"It's Brother Aeolus! But what am l to do?"

*follow your Truth."
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.*She bolts upright heaving for breath.. Without a word to Rosnoke she pulls on her cloak and boots and sprints for the door, Julian right on her heels. A sudden power rises from her pouch of spells. The air whistles past her pointed ears as she is lifted off the ground " *Everything below her is a blur.*.

"Hold fast, Brother, I'm on my way."
the dark one takes the hand of the spirit of Artenen and begins pulling him down to the unclean lands. Here, there is an empty throne amist the top of a dark castle. The dark one leads Artenen to the castle, shadows once more surround Artenen as he is lead to sit on the throne. Once he is forced to sit on the throne, there is a subsonic bellowing of sound that tears through the underground as if to acknowledge Artenen is there.

A rift opens before him along the walls of the throne room. Naked woman with treasures and food emerge as if to serve him with temptations. They touch him and give him pleasure as the dark one looks on With a smile. "You are famous down here" says the dark one. The shadow feared you, but now tempt you as a welcomed among them.

Artenen's eyes begin to glow white. And rage begins to take over. Artenen throws the ladies with a force unlike any, ripping their bodies in half. Artenen charges the dark one, who's not backing down and starts running towards Artenen at the same speed.

As Artenen reaches the dark one, the dark one lunges and grabs Artenens throat, stopping him in his tracks. The dark ones grip is phenomenal and Artenen can't break free, and can't scream either. The dark one laughs as Artenens eyes fade back to green.

"You have no power over the rulers of this place" says the dark one. "We own you now."

The throne room doors slam shut, Artenen is stripped naked and bound to a torture table. The dark one begins drawing a white light out of Artenen's chest and it collects in a glass chamber above him. Artenen moans in pain as his spirit is sapped of all strength.
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*Rachel feels the warmth of the Star Key pulsing with the glimmer. She rises to her feet.*

"This is our only chance. Julian, Epona. Are you ready?"

"We are!"

"Hooo.....I am too!"

*Ari flaps her wings and lands on Rachel's shoulder*

*The Star Key shines toward the portal and in an instant, the four friends vanish. The next thing they know, They land feet away from what looks to be a large table wirh a glowing glass orb suspended above it.*

"That Light....is it...?

"No doubt in my mind. It's Brother's Spirit!'

"Brother Aeolus?! It's Skymoon!" "Can you hear me?!"
the voice says "who dares to bring flesh and bone to my domain" just then, the ground begins to shake"

You can see the spirit of Artenen faintly on the table, he has almost completely disappeared as the orb of light consumes him.
"I am here to rescue the soul of Artenen Aeolus!!!' "He is my Brother! "It matters not what power you put against me, I, Rachel Skymoon, will fight to save him!!!"

"Look out, Lady Skymoon!!!"

*Rachel feels the ground begin to give way under her before jumping to safety. Epona leaps over two small gaps and lifts Rachel onto her back, Julian and Ari are close behind the mare. Sprinting for the door, she rears up and kicks them through.*


"Take heart, M'lady, Hope will prevail. It is more important to keep you safe."
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