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Another Day In Akuma

Discussion in 'Akuma Forest' started by Grath Dragous, Apr 20, 2017.

  1. Grath Dragous

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    I resent some days having to do the training for the militia, even though i do know it is needed, for there could be a day when we are not here that an enemy could attack. We had been at the training that Ralik had ordered for roughly 2 hours, and while not up to the Iron Griffins levels they should be able to at least defend themselves an their families for a time. Standing watching the latest round of maneuvering, when one of the town guards came up informing me that i was needed in town as there was a fight between 2 farmers about properties. Shaking my head i thought again how much i hated Ralik making me the towns judge for low crimes and elder for dealing with small problems . Going to the trading center as that was were most often people would meet i saw two farmers, both seemed to be normal humans dressed as farmers. Shaking my head thinking how is it that humans come to the half-elf/half orc to solve their problems, and trusting me to be honest and fair, but them again most had heard how my families on both sides had been wiped out while i was gone, and the fact that except for a couple of buildings that i had asked to be kept for family reasons i had helped each family not only find a home, but also helped in repairing them and bringing them up to livable status. Why this should bring me to the point of being the trusted one i did not know, but it seemed to work, almost as well as WubWub did in other areas.
    Sitting down i had both brought to me and listened to how each claimed a watering hole that i happened to know was between both families lands, and hearing that each had lost cattle to the others lands i made a simple easy choice, and let them both know that historically both the farms that they had taken over had used the watering hole, they kept their cattle separate by marking them and setting a schedule of which farmer would use the hole each week. they both looked shocked at the ideas as if neither had even thought of talking and working together, though i knew both worked well together during militia training. shaking their heads they both appologied to each other and to me for wasting my time. i returned to the training just shaking my head slowly.