Adding Your Own Unique LARP Deity


House of the Rising Sun
Staff member
Are you interested in adding your own unique deity to the Broken Thrones medieval fantasy larp game? If so, we'd love to consider your submission!

To submit a new deity for consideration, please keep in mind that deities in our game do not have in-game powers or abilities. Instead, they are important figures in the lore and mythology of the game world, with their own unique histories and stories.

With that in mind, here are the guidelines for submitting a new deity:

Create a detailed and well-written backstory for your deity. This should include their origins, their role in the pantheon of deities, and any interesting legends or stories associated with them. Be sure to give your deity a unique and memorable personality, as well as any notable quirks or characteristics.

Submit your deity's backstory, along with any relevant artwork or images, to the Broken Thrones larp team via the forums in this section of our website.

In your submission, be sure to include any special abilities or powers that your deity may possess, but keep in mind that these powers cannot be used in-game. They are purely for the purpose of adding depth and richness to the lore of the game world.

Please allow at least two weeks for our team to review and consider your submission. If your deity is accepted, it will need to be approved by the entire Broken Thrones player body or host council. Please note that as the number of deities in the game grows, it may become more difficult to get new deities approved.