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Abandoned Once More

Discussion in 'Port of Aladon' started by Artenen Aeolus, Oct 10, 2017.

  1. Artenen Aeolus

    Artenen Aeolus Paladin | Captain of the Magna Navis Lore Master LarpCraft Host '17 Donor Myths & Legends Mythical | Legendary | Epic Member 2017 Waivers Blogger Elder Host Vault House of the Iron Ring Lifetime Award Mapped

    After a long trip from beyond the res sea, Rachel Skymoon and I discovered Aladon to be abandoned once more. We tried to fix the docks but, in doing so my ship became badly damaged and sank. I'm now without a ship, work or crew as we come into winter. I shall bring my belongings to the Woodlands of Esker and fortify the wooden shack as a home.

    The trails from Aladon to south and north are clear. I'd bet one could easily make rounds to and from Ganda la Har, Maywood, Esker and Akuma but with the lack of supplies, I will not be able to make the journey.

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