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  1. Artenen

    Setting sail for Blanan

    Artenen begins to drown
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    Into The West | LOTR

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    Lullaby Of Woe | The Witcher

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    Setting sail for Blanan

    Artenen continues to sail for what feels like a year This doesn't make any sense, the stars are not moving and no light of day breaks the dawn?!? If I'm not dreaming, am I going mad? just then the light speaks in a deep, soft voice "You are not worthy of these lands" The light vanishes...
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    A wonderful couple.
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    A wizard is never late...

    That would be nice.
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    Just For Laughs

    Random larpy-like posts to get a chuckle.
  8. Artenen

    Eddie was in GOT

    Eddie from stranger things was in game of fing thrones!
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    Uruk Hai LARP Sword Review

    Sword is no longer available. Uruk Hai Sword Made famous by the notorious Uruk-Hai from the epic motion picture trilogy The Lord of the Rings, this wicked looking blade is a menacing and dangerous weapon on any battlefield. Made using a more simple design, it was the strength of the Uruk-Hai...
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    Anduril Sword Of The King Larp Review This is one of the most sturdy 2 handed weapons from Windlass that we have ever seen! Sadly, this item is no longer available. The Anduril Sword was wielded by Aragon in the epic movie trilogy The Lord of the Rings and forged from the shards of Narsil, Anduril is a...
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    How To Roleplay In The Forums

    Create a character and interact on the forums within the game you'll be playing. Italic describes an action. The more detail you can paint for readers, the better. - Artenen sits at the back, dimly-lit table of the dining area. Regular text is seen as spoken word. - I say, did you catch that...
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    It's time to Roleplay

    Simple potions and poisons are used in Broken Thrones. You won't find a thousand brews, but enough to enhance gameplay, yet keep the game simple enough to remember. Being developed now at create your free character, start earning coin for daily logins, and more!
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    It's time to Roleplay

    Explore, write, earn, play. Broken thrones is both an online forum-based roleplay and live-action roleplay. Historical fantasy with simple rules, races, and abilities. Where will your character take you?
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    It's time to Roleplay

    Lots of fun to come. Getting back to the simple-type game we had set up in the beginning before all the abilities become too much.
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    Oh, I can try and get you their info.
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    Book of faces
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    Down in MO there are gamers of the old system, you'd be best to try and see what they're up to. With work and fuel and food doing who knows what this Fall, I'm not committing myself to anything until we see what plays out. Still, sounds like a blast!
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    Wow Its been awhile...

    I remember your first game. Good to see ya. Happy to hear of your larp adventures!
  20. Artenen

    A wizard is never late...

    We actually had a realm in your town. Really liked that location.