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  1. Artenen

    Calimacil Knight of Emerald Sword Review

    A great sword from Calimacil. This was our first product review.
  2. Artenen

    Medieval One | Metallica Cover Algal The Bard

    Loved this rendition.
  3. Artenen


    As you may have seen, this site has gone through several changes as we learned how to build, code, and design websites throughout the years. The vision for LarpCraft would be to allow people to find games, allow hosts to easily host games we have here, and allow online roleplay that feels as...
  4. Artenen

    Shack Removal

    Sad day at the Woodlands of Esker... taking the shack down. Some of the plank chairs and targets are good yet so will try and put those in the pole barn if we ever get a chance to get larp going in this area again.
  5. Artenen

    Setting sail for Blanan

    Artenen finds himself laying on his back adrift on a boat in the middle of nowhere What... what happened... Gets up Looks around I don't remember anything... holds head HELLO?!? No answer
  6. Artenen

    Coin Is Active

    Coin transfers are back active again. You'll get a random coin allotment for just logging in every 12 hours. You can donate coin to other characters and we'll have coin used in our quests for online roleplay as well. If you have the phone app, it'll notify you when you get payment as well...
  7. Artenen

    Cynee World Lore

    Cynee is a very old planet full of different races and lands. As world lore is explored, this section will be expanded. Below are the regions of Cynee and the little bit we know about the land from the ancient texts. Gopawa Region - One of the oldest texts come from the ancient village of...
  8. Artenen

    Chapter 1 Introduction to Kingdoms

    LarpCraft games are all about living a character through roleplay. Our games are not about a player winning or having the most abilities. Our games are story-driven. Kingdoms is a simplistic medieval fantasy game filled with different races, melee, and magic, but it also encompasses actual...
  9. Artenen

    Anyone play Albion?

    It's a big cross-platform sandbox MMORPG. Fairly easy to play on a note 20 ultra. Looks like the PC will be much easier to play on cuz the words would are pretty small on phones.
  10. Artenen

    Double Headed LARP Battle Axe Review | Epic Armoury

    Double Headed Battle Axe The LARP Double Headed Battle Axe is made from extremely durable foam that does not shred and sealed with a strong coating of latex. Larp Axes Safety is always an issue in LARP, that is why these have a round flexible fiberglass core with...
  11. Artenen

    Epic Armoury Doubled Headed Mace Staff Extended LarpCraft Review

    I still practice with this every month. It's held up well and hasn't torn or come apart in any way. The Doubled-Headed Mace Staff is an amazing polearm! Related Amazon Polearms - Double Headed LARP Staff - Ancient Spear -...
  12. Artenen

    Starting LARP Games Tutorial

    We'll get back into teaching people how to host quality larp games again. So much to share!
  13. Artenen

    Keldors Creation Larp Throwing Stars

    It took us a long time to figure out how to make a throwing star without a core that flew well... But we got er. @Keldor Ironfoot for the win! A pain to make, but a delight to have, these stars really shine.
  14. Artenen

    Live Action Products Arrowheads Coming Back?

    If there's enough interest and sales, I'd like to start making LARP arrowheads again.
  15. Artenen

    Chat Bots

    Hilarious and complex bots are featured in some rooms. The idea is to create enough bots where one could have their own little adventure as a party or running solo. Here, we'll post the bots and what rooms they can be found in.
  16. Artenen

    Free LarpCraft Phone App

    Simply log in via your browser and then go to the menu. You'll see at the bottom a free phone app install. It's that simple!
  17. Artenen

    Novice II Sword Review Calimacil | LarpCraft Review

    The Novice II is the natural evolution of the first generation of this Squire sword. Always made of safe Calimacil foam, this weapon will give you years of good use thanks to its unrivaled durability. The guard of the sword is now steel-colored and the handle is black. The blade stays...
  18. Artenen

    What's your favorite part of Larping?

    What's your favorite part of Live Action Roleplay?
  19. Artenen

    Welcome to the new LarpCraft site!

    Pleased to finally have the website back online. Our goal is to allow any game system to use our forums, resource manager, media gallery, and character tracker. Thanks for visiting, and be sure to say hello!