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Registration Form LarpCraft Waiver 2017

Waiver Required For 2017

  1. Artenen Aeolus
    Each Host requires that you have a printed waiver on file with them. So print it out and have it filled out before you get to a game.

    This will do the following:

    Prevent a holdup at registration (by people coming without a waiver pre-filled out, it adds HOURS to the registration process).
    Allows you to take the time to read the waiver and fill it out legibly. If something happens and we need to contact your emergency contacts, we may not be able to if you filled the form out too quickly.
    Makes people waiting in line happier as they don't have to wait as long.

    Don't have time to sign it and get it notarized? no problem! Just fill it out and don't sign it until one of the Elders can witness you signed it.

    This is a super easy way to make signing into an event FAR EASIER and FASTER.

    Download and print your waiver here -

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