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Artenen Aeolus

Woodlands Of Esker May 6th - 7th 2017 Regional Game

Join us for the exciting May season opener of our weekend long Myths & Legends LARP events for 2017! Enjoy adventure, battle, questing and stories as we seek to continue character development! There is much to celebrate in the Woodlands of Esker as we come into the Spring. The woods are coming alive with forest floor flowers, woodland creatures and player camaraderie sure to leave you smiling! Info and questions - https://larpcraft.com/writings/woodlands-of-esker-may-6th-7th-2017-weekend-game.13211/ Our events have been posted since Oct of 2016. See our entire listing of events for 2017 here! - https://larpcraft.com/writings/2017-norhaven-events.12132/ This event is held rain or shine. While it's common we get rain during games, it's uncommon that it lasts all weekend. Costs: $40/weekend entry non member (10 prize tickets) $30/weekend Epic, Legendary or Mythic Member (15 prize tickets) 50% off additional family members living in the same household. (5 prize tickets per person) Saturday Only Price - $20 no discounts. (5 prize tickets) If you've never played before you MUST come to the Friday Night orientation in Clearsky village. Food: This is provided by the cooks in-game. Most will have a donation jar which you are expected to contribute to if you'l be eating their food. We'll provide water and some basic foods but no meals. This keeps the event entry as low as possible while encouraging in-game cooking by the players. If you want to set up an Inn or pub, post below what you plan to offer and when you plan on being open. Again, see the scroll here for who's bringing what https://larpcraft.com/writings/woodlands-of-esker-may-6th-7th-2017-weekend-game.13211/ Cabin Bunks If you wish to stay in the cabins, the cost is $10 per bunk per night. When we have enough to fill a cabin, we rent it from the camp. While you can roleplay in the cabin area, the cabins are on the modern side of the camp and thus, we don't set up anything over there. Cabins are mainly out of game. Our setup begins Friday the 5th at 6pm and goes until Midnight. You can drive your vehicle (rain permitting) to the campgrounds (5mph max please) once you've checked in with an Elder in Clearsky Village. Once you're set up, please remove your vehicle from the game area and park it in our newly redone parking lot across the road. It is advised that you set up your tent at Clearsky Village. It's where most of the action is set up, where the fire stays going all weekend long and where much of the shops and food lives. If you set up camp in one of the remote camps, you may not have as much fun. Clearsky Village is protected by the Iron Griffon Legion under the rule of King Murdoch McArthur. This kingdom does its best to protect the characters of the realm, it is not a hostile kingdom by any means. If you do venture outside the main village, you'll be required to follow the rules. Camp Setup Rules: Each camp is equipped with a campfire area. If you are going to have fires in your camp, you must have a fire extinguisher next to it. You are allowed to pick up brush on the ground to burn but the forest floor is usually damp so bring your own wood as we have a limited supply. Pick up any sticks or brush that may puncture your tent bottom. Look up for broken branches that may fall on you with the wind. Don't set up a tent in areas that are unsafe. You are required to keep all modern looking items inside your tent (which is out of game). Keep game items such as coin, quest items, etc. In an approved Loot Chest that is to be within 1 pace of your dwelling (can be hidden, trapped, etc. but not buried). No alcohol can be consumed while playing. We highly discourage alcohol use during the game but we do have a social hour Friday night for such activity before Sat game on. No underage consumption. Everyone is banded. Bring ID. Cops are called if the law is broken, we don't mess around. We only treat for bugs in Clearsky Village. You can lay bug stuff in your camp before setting up your tents if you wish and it's safe. Bring TP. We have outhouses in the woods but the animals usually end up taking the TP between games. Friday Night The campfire usually kicks off aorund 6-7pm and music begins around dusk. Food and refreshments are usually brought by many so bring a dish to pass. We're in garb at this point and usually tell stories, spar and goof around. Friday nights are a blast. Saturday Morning Game on at 9am, sometimes before but for sure by 9am. We play all through the night. If you're sleeping in your tent you're out of game but don't duck into your tent to avoid being killed. Tournaments: Times To Be Determined Capture the Flag - Clearsky Village (worth 5 prize tickets) Tug of War - Clearsky Village (worth 5 prize tickets) Archery - Clearsky Village (worth 10| 5 | 3 prize tickets) Magic - Clearsky Village (worth 10| 5 | 3 prize tickets) Melee - Clearsky Village (worth 10| 5 | 3 prize tickets) Professionary Skills Challenge (worth 10| 5 | 3 prize tickets) Best Camp Setup Award - Judges roll around on Saturday around noon and judge the best looking camp. (worth 20 prize tickets) Royal Battle - Large grassy area to the south of the main parking lot or Tall Oak camp. (worth 20| 10 | 5 prize tickets) Sunday Game off is usually around noon and this is where cars are allowed to come back in to pack up. Please help people clean up, you get big bonus points for that. Prizes - Main Prizes: Larp Sword - Sponsored by Adventure Insurance Agency Larp Shield - Sponsored by Larp.Market 6 Pack of Larp Arrowheads - Sponsored by Live Action Products 6 Throwing Stars Sponsored by Live Action Products (more to come) Pre-Register Bonuses: 5 Prize Tickets Prizes drawn Sunday at 11am.

Woodlands Of Esker May 6th - 7th 2017 Regional Game
Artenen Aeolus, Apr 21, 2017
King Murdoch McArthur Giveth praise for this remark!