Kingdoms Larp

Kingdoms Larp is light fantasy, high immersion, historical game set in the fictitious world of Delta. 

The objective of the game is to survive and grow your character as you live the games. Each game is filled with objectives and storyline created by the players. 

Kingdoms larp has a very basic rule system. The game concentrates on immersion over abilities, massive lists of rules, and abilities that take away from the game itself. 


1. Children under 16 must be accompanied by their parent at all times. This isn't a game designed for kids, most games involve drama, adult language, violence, and adult themes. That said, families are welcome, just use caution on what parts of the game you're in. 

2. If you're going into battle you need to wear a helmet that protects your eyes and head. Do not aim for the head or eyes, but accidents happen and these areas do get hit sometimes. If you're going to aim for the head, groin, etc. It must be a non-contact roleplay hit. 

3. Only approved theatrical foam weapons, shields, and projectiles are allowed. No boffers may be used. It must look period. 

4. You must come in full historical garb from the Victorian era or earlier. Modern clothing, shoes etc. will not be allowed at games (ok at most practices). 

5. Stay in character or leave. Hosts will warn and then ask you to leave if you can't do this. If you have no idea what that means, come to a practice to find out. 

6. Come with a character story. Make characters and stories at practices, do not come to a game without a plan or you'll be asked to leave. Groups (clans, armies, guilds, houses, etc.) must use historical heraldry and it must be approved in the Kingdoms forums before it can be used in games.  

7. Anyone can use any weapon or shield as long as they can actually use the item safely. If you're not a fighter type and are trying to wield a broadsword, but lack the physical strength to actually use it, you'll be asked to leave. This isn't a video game and our physical limits are based on the actual physical world for max realism. Items must be used as if they were real, meaning that if a shield or weapon is foam but is being portrayed as being heavy, the player must act out this heft in their roleplay. 

8. Hitpoints must be roleplayed. Any limb or body part that is hit with a significant weapon strike must become unusable immediately. Heavy cloth or leather armor of 10oz of thicker will allow an additional hit to the same area without damage. Chainmail or brigandine armor adds one point, and finally plate armor of roughly 14 gauge or more will add a point. You can layer armors. Honor your hitpoints and roleplay the damage or you can leave. If you don't take your shots, you'll be asked to leave. 

9. Weapon strikes must be hard enough to feel, but not full contact. If you see fully armored knights in battle, they will be hitting very hard so players can feel the hits. Use common sense here folks, don't bring a "clothy" to a Knight Fight... someone's going to get hurt. Here's where that helmet rule comes in. Full battles will have things moving everywhere, if you think a strike isn't going to hit you in the head, you haven't been in roleplay battles before then. 

10. Magic is performed as miracles. Miracles come from the power of the divine. Divine powers are dependent on their approval in the forums. Divine intervention in the living realm is not likely and very rare. Most characters will go their entire lives without ever experiencing a miracle. Miracles are roleplay intensive. 

11. If your character dies, it's dead. You don't get brought back to life. Your online account for that character will be moved to deceased status and will remain a record for historical purposes that can be used in the forums. 

12. Character classes are approved in the forums. 

13. Professions are approved in the forums. 

14. You're going to lose. If you're not a good sport about a loss in battle, a practice, a match, etc. don't play this game. Life can be hard in this game and you're expected to deal with it. 

15. Tobacco, alcohol, etc. must be approved before being allowed in-game. Adult themes should be approved and a heads up should be given in the out of game forums before an event so people know something not family-friendly may happen. All games must comply with local laws and community ethics. 


Out of character you are expected to be friendly to all players. If your out of character manners suck, stay home. We're all out here to have fun and roleplay and we're all putting in a crazy amount of effort to make the games the best they can be. 


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