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Artenen Aeolus

LARPer QuickTip no 73 | Better looking fights

More roleplay! Slower or faster? Whatever looks good and is simulated reality? Comment below!

Artenen Aeolus, Apr 12, 2017
    • Drake Grim
      he is right and i agree with artenen

      p.s. i like his tomohawk
    • Grath Dragous
      good ideas, something to remember when he commented about real metal weapons being heavy, most swords during the middle ages were less then 3-5 lbs. i think we would have to be VERY VERY cautious about anyone trying dramatic usage of wood like he is talking about, it would be cool to watch, maybe even making some foam "wooden" block like he is talking about

      also if you want to see good example of what fighting, dodging and such for both direct combat and spell countering, The battle of five armies when the dwarfs are fighting it is actually good viewing, and when Thorin and the Orc are fighting on the ice it shows really well what you would do with dodging, both weapons and spell orbs. just my opinion. another is gladiator and 13th warrior buth of which show good looking weapons fighting.
    • King Murdoch McArthur
      I generally get what he's at. And he's saying don't flicky flick, act like the weapon is a weapon, which i totally argee with.


      Well compared to Epic and Calimacils but not actually heavy. Heavier would be more accurate, but still you can swing very fast with a real sword. These huge cartoony swings that we see in movies and in plays are big slow movements for a couple reasons, 1 so you can see on film (or on stage) 2 for saftey. Stage combat is just that, staged. It's not real, and if you know actual swordfighting it looks well fake. Most actors are not highly traied combatants, so they have to keep the actors from hurting themselves or anyone else.
      Just like if you know actual hand to hand combat, those fight secens in movies look fake (iron fist anyone??), just like most gunfights look fake.

      We dont' want machingunning, drumrolling or tippy tappy "lightest touch" type combat, we have good rules to combat that. We also don't want silly over acted WWE hitting people with a chair looking fights.

      want to see people fight at speed with weapons that have real weights check out BOTON, ACL or WMA vids. They are not machine gunning but they are not doing big huge WWE swings.
      Grath Dragous Giveth praise for this remark!
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    Apr 12, 2017
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