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Artenen Aeolus

Historical or Fantasy Leather

A little chat about historical versus fantasy leather armor

Artenen Aeolus, Apr 13, 2017
    • King Murdoch McArthur
      Love how he goes into that more or less what is behind him is total fantasy, not just because it's Orcish. Even more thrilled that he debunks "studded" leather armor. the "studs" are riviets showing through the leather cover over a metal armor like a coat of plates or brigandine. There is very very little leather armor in extant pieces. We have leather belts, shoes puches sheaths out the yin yang comparatively to leather armor. Why?? Because in medieval economies leather isn't really all that cheap. And even when used like the curie it was mostly as a reinforcement of mail or a way to mount bits of metal in addition to the lethar. It's MUCH more cost effective to make lamanate fabirc based armors for lower class troops like archers, i think he mentions that too. Good vid
    • King Murdoch McArthur
      watching this guys channel , he's got some good stuff
    • King Murdoch McArthur
      I dig this guy. I'm fb friends with him and he has some really good research.
      Ian La Spina....Knyght Errant on you tube
      Knyght Errant
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    Apr 13, 2017
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