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Myrium Stories

The past stories of Myrium by the characters that live within it. These stories tell the tales of adventures from characters and may be moved to different areas within the Myrium content as hosts develop or change their stories.

Characters are allowed to write 1 story a week which will count towards 1xp per word written up to 250XP. This means characters can earn up to 250 XP per week for adding to the lore of Myrium. Your week will start on the day you first post a story. You must post at least 50 words before getting XP. You must tag the story with relevant items pertaining to what your story is about. These scrolls will auto lock. No replies will be allowed.

Stories should not be about characters becoming gods etc. Stories that are outlandish will be thought of as crazy and most characters will not account for them. All posts are moderated. If the story is not written well enough, they will not be approved. Approval can take up to 2 weeks, but most of the time it is done each evening.